How do you Hugo?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a terrible 3s player. Far from making the SF2 to 3 conversion, I’ve backslid into a level of badness I didn’t experience during my worst SF2 days.
Add to this that I’ve always, always been a shoto player. I started with Ryu and gradually converted to Ken because I liked the supirior speed. I always thought that ever ounce of speed counted in a fighting game. Speed, and a good fireball move. But I watch some videos with Hugo overcoming guys like Yun, Chun, Ken, and the list goes on and I wonder how. What’s the theory behind not just playing Hugo, but playing him successfully against tough competition? His moves have such huge wind-up, and granted his throws have tremendous range, but they can be teched. How can such a slow character compensate against faster characters with faster pokes? Zangief at least had a 3d-dodge against fireballs, but with parrying, fireball immunity is pretty much universal.
Help a poor scrub out?

Hugo does a lot of fucking damage and his pokes are pretty solid for such a big slow character. His s.MP can literally hit people from half way across the screen. Not to mention in this game…all of the faster characters can’t take hits as well as the bigger slower characters. So there’s more of an incentive for a big character like Hugo to look for a mistake and punish with a 360 since it will take a fourth of the life bar on characters like Yun, Ibuki…etc. You can’t tech his 360 throw (or any of his other command throws) so on wake up he becomes very scary. If the opponent tries to parry a normal or tech a throw on wake up and you come out with 360…they get fucked.

Parrying helps to make the grappling characters more powerful cuz they can wait for you to throw out an attack…parry and punish. You don’t even have to put a whole lot of momentum…you can simply work off your opponent’s momentum. That’s how top Hugo players like YSB, Hayao and Pecheur run through top level players with other characters. Of course you’ll want to be offensive with Hugo since he has to pokes/mix up to be able to do it but once you get good at parrying you can have the opponent come to you and be able to set up for big damage.

Learn how to do a standing 360 so you don’t rely on dashing/jumping/wakeup. Remember, smart players will try to zone you, but if they’re stupid they’ll corner themselves. Use claps to keep the block pressure on and keep mixing it up. Pick SAIII if you’re just starting to play him, I’ve noticed that when you have SAI you tend to want to land that so much that you end up missing good opportunities for damage when you miss it.

Who’s Pechuer?

Pecheur is a top French Hugo player.