How do you Kara?

I’ve been having this problem for the longest time. I still don’t get how to Kara cancel. Can anyone explain how you could do this? I’ve been playing Third Strike for ten years now and I have no idea how to do this. I could win without it but it would be nice to apply it to my game.

What kara cancel are you trying to do?

you press the two different moves at nearly exactly the same time.

If you know how tekken and soul calibur 4~3 type commands work, it’s even faster (or rather closer) than that.

Imagine you want to Kara a throw with a HK. pretend the throw is actually LP+LK+HK, but you extremely, slightly sooner., so that they are practically pressed at the same time, but not

I am specifically trying to do the Kara-MP Fukiage so that I could do this 100% combo with Makoto:

Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> Kara-MP Fukiage -> Dash -> LP Fukiage

3S hasn’t been out for 10 years… a little less than 9 to be exact.

Kara fukiage isn’t the right thing to practice with. Because of the dp motion and the fact that you need neutral HK, you have to do it a little differently. I do it like dp, n, HK~MP. The n means deliberate neutral (sort of a Tekken moment there). You’re probably getting c.HK or f+HK by accident, neither of which will move you backward like the combo requires.

i actually found a easier way to do this…
u don’t have to do a neutral HK there, i do back + HK, since Back HK and HK are the same… so u can perform the kara uppercut more accurately …

Oh. Well I would imagine that it’s a bit of a hassle to do a dp then move the stick to back to get the same result as not moving it to an extra direction. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean.

But then what do I know since I think the 2nd dash fukiage is more difficult than the kara. :looney:

For the this 100%combo: Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> Kara-MP Fukiage -> Dash -> LP Fukiage

I can’t get the dash LP Fukiage. I always miss the LP Fukiage. Am I doing the Kara-MP Fukiage wrong? How do I know if I did the Kara-MP Fukiage right?

I’ve been playing 3s for 12 years.

So no one out there could help me try to figure out how to connect the LP Fukiage on Makoto’s 100% combo? After I dash after the MP Fukiage I don’t get there in time for the LP Fukiage. Any solutions? Thanks.

You know you did the kara-MP Fukiage correctly if you see the screen jump left/right slightly (caused by the roundhouse moving you left/right).

The 2nd Fukiage is just really difficult to time correctly. If you want to practice the timing alone, then I suggest practicing the double Fukiage against Hugo or Alex. Against these characters, you do not need to kara the MP Fukiage.

Another alternative is, against certain characters (e.g. Yun and Yang), you can do the following:

Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> MP Fukiage -> Dash -> Kara (with cr.rh, not st.rh) LP Fukiage

You might find this easier than kara-ing the first Fukiage.

There’s a lot more info on this stuff in the Makoto forum.

Yes, after clear analysis, it can be concluded that Ni8wing needs to dash cancel after the first Fukiage, and then do a Kara Fukiage. Careful analysis shows that the timing for this is extremely tight and is different for different characters.

shit man, Rosh can do that combo boning a chick while tight rope walking (no NET!)

If you can’t kara, don’t start with a fukiage. Try something like Q’s b. MP kara throw first.

Or kara taunt with Oro.

kara timing from normal to special/super is pretty much the same timing as a triangle jump (air dash into attack) with mags or storm and a little looser than a roll cancel (roll into special or super) in cvs1 or 2.

and yes, you can rc into a super but you dont gain the inv. frames, and yes you can roll cancel in cvs1.

hope that helps. It takes some practice but you can pretty much use akuma and do the f+mp into throw and if he grunts, you got it! and you’ll notice that he moves forward a bit.