How do you keep your arcade stick clean?


I was just wondering what products people use to clean their arcade sticks. I’ve been using Natural Glass and Surfacant Cleaner by Seventh Generation for some time. It contains no harmful residues and dyes, and supposedly is straight from some kind of plant (I am a little chemical sensitive.) I just rub off the surface with a microfiber cloth.

What do y’all do?

I just use vacuum hose cleaner (take out debris) and then rubbing alcohol on a bounty towel. Nice and fast

I’ve always used a microfiber cloth. I use it to wipe any accumulating dust on my sticks, and after a session I wipe it down to remove any sweat.

I actually have a paper towel sometimes for long sessions. My home is kind of warm so getting moist hands is easy. I wipe down pretty frequently.

Thanks for y’all’s input

I wipe down everything with a micro fiber cloth after each use.

I wouldn’t use any kind of cloth other than a microfiber, that’s for sure. Paper towels actually scratch things. That’s bee nmy experience

Wash your hands before use