How do you keep your skills from going down?

How do you keep your skills from going down?

A simple question right? Wrong. Let me explain my situation.

Over my short (as compared to people who started playing when the game first came out) time playing CvS2 I have used many different groves and character combinations. I often have changed my grove, and team set consciously, with the idea in mind that playing x grove will help me work on x aspect of my game.

For example, I played K grove to escape the bad habit of rolling, and doing roll supers.
I played C-grove to work on my ground game, zoning, and patience.
I played Cammy, and Sagat to better understand how those characters work, and find effective ways to beat those characters by watching how opponents beat me. (and so on)

During all of this I have had various levels of competition ranging from alot… (playing every day) to not so much (playing maybe twice a month).

Point: Recently Ive noticed that Ive begun to suck. And I wondered why this was? I think Ive spent too much time not playing the way I wanted to and tried to focus on too many different aspects of the game. Thats to say, I listened to too much advice and tried to take all of it. (this ever happen to any one?)

Hmn… Im rambling now so Ill just open this one up to others, how do you keep from losing skills as you seek to improve/acquire new ones.

P.S I’m going back to the team and grove I love N-Ryu, Blanka, Ken Lets go!

Honestly I think everyone just has that problem. I know I do :clap:.

Seriously I don’t think there’s a way around it. It’s like any other sport really. With constant pratice you can learn more and become better. If you stay on hiatus too long then whilst you retain the knowledge you learnt, you will lose some of your form. I really don’t think there’s any ‘trick’ to stay in practice apart from just actually practicing.

This all applies to swiching grooves/chars too, as well as just not playing the game altogether. You take a vacation from one groove/char too long and come back then they’re bound to be a bit rusty.

well sure ul be a bit rusty from not playing long… but its not you whos getting sucky

its the people u play who are improving.

Listen, theres nothing wrong with you.

Once upon a time, you played with limited knowledge, so that was all you could use, and you used it well…

By and by you learnt more and more things, and as you tried to process this information, there was suddenly much more for you to digest and ‘master’.

Naturally you can’t ‘master’ everything in one shot. So you have yet to incorporate your zoning and rolling only when necessary and patience and ground game and not doing roll supers etc all within one game, using N.

it’s kinda like Tiger Woods, you know he was da champ, and suddenly he wanted to improve on one aspect of his game, so he kept going at it, trying to perfect his swing? but because he was trying, he suddenly sucked at it real bad, but he kept trying and trying, and when he finally got it…man did he trash everyone else…u know wad i mean?

So yeah, whatever everyone else is prolly saying, just continue playing you Fave team, wait a while and see if you don’t improve :smiley:

I find that if I don’t practice Sakura and Bison’s CCs enough, I’ll lose them the next time I try. Usually it takes me a week of not playing for me to lose the hang of the CC. For a couple months I’ve been inconsistent with it, until recently I’m starting to get it 100% practice or no practice. Strangely this keeps occuring to this guy in my arcade whos been playing for 4 years, one day he can do it and another day he just can’t.

Only way out of this is hours of practice, popoblo style. The same thing should apply for C-groove as well, make sure you can get your RCs everytime, and be 100% on the cancels as well.

I find that I win the most when I tell myself: “punish everything to the fullest, that is all…”.

You jump, I anti-air.
You stay there, I begin to zone.
You get knocked down, I go for mix-ups.
You miss a special and give me hella frame advantage, you’re gonna die.
You do something, I react.

Requires a totally different mindset. There’s a difference between telling yourself “go for knockdown, crossup, c.lkx3 into super” and “he whiffed a fierce, so hit fierce yourself”. Not as flashy, but does hella more damage.

Yeah I’m sort of losing it myself because I kind of just quit CVS2 =/. I’m not that great but I find that you need to practice a lot in order to keep your skills. Like…I was playing with nothing but my MAS stick and when I tried playing with pad, I was like pretty crappy with it. I just needed some time to readjust. Plus the harder it is, the harder it’ll be to keep it i suppose. Like RCs…I used to be able to do them but now I’m kind of just inconsistent. Suprisingly Sak and Bison’s CCs I can still do. Another example i could think of was when I first learned tick throw. I used to do it all the time but now that I’ve learned a lot of other stuff, I just completely forgot about it. I fall for it a lot of times and forget to use it myself.