How do you know if your fight stick works good or not?

with the recent complaints of the SE Fight stick from Md catz, im curious to find out if the one I bought is one of these defective ones. I never owned a stick before this, so im not sure what its suppose to feel like if it works right or good. it does feel loose and clicky, but im not sure if thats because thats how the Japanese stick always are. I seem to be able to do a Hadouken jsut fine, however the spinning quarter Circle back kick seems to not always work all the time. it only works if I do it percisely and kinda slow. I really dont want to try and mod it with a new better stick becasue Im afraid ill screw it up adn i would have voided my warranty by even opening it up, so If I mess it up, im gonna be SOL. can someone please help me with this, I really didnt want to waste 80 bucks.

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Most Japanese part joysticks are clicky, and all Hori FS3/EX2/Wii FS are clicky so the clicky noise is NOT a good indicator for defective stick. Many Japanese (including Hori sticks) come default with SQUARE gates so for most of us here in the US, it will feel funny and imprecise, so this will have a “stuck” feel when hitting the square gate corners but it does NOT mean the stick is bad. It just means you need time to adjust to the squareness of it.

This is difficult to say objectively because you don’t have another stick to compare it to and this is your first stick.

You can say the stick is maybe BAD when:

  1. the stick is physically stuck to 1 side
  2. if you leave the stick in neutral position but the characters on screen is moving by itself
  3. if you move the stick but the character on screen is NOT responding

even with the above 3 conditions, the fault could still be other causes and MAY NOT be the stick.

The moment you realize that it does not come with a Sanwa/Seimitsu stick already installed.

Other than that, you should be able to tell if it’s working well or not, as long as you have access to a console and video game that are all compatible.

I’m kind of in your shoes to be honest. I already have this thing set to arrive on the 24th, and NOW I read about all the problems. However, it was already in my mind to upgrade the parts, so this just makes me want to do that sooner.

I actually already have a spare sanwa lying around, and I will swap that out the moment I receive the controller. The longer the stock stick stays in your SE, the more susceptible it will be to the MadCatz Calicivirus.

Sounds like muscle memory problem. If you’re not completing the motion before the button is pressed then maybe this is what is causing the problem. Which would explain why you have to do the qcb motion “precisely and kinda slow”. I bet if you decided to press the button a bit slower instead of doing the motion slower the move would probably come out right. Once you get more use to the joystick you will be able to do both the motions and the button press quicker

Download the Microsoft windows drivers for xbox360 controller and then plug into your PC. Load the Joystick / Controller app from windows and test the inputs.

My SE had the loose washer which I fixed by supergluing it down. But then I found the stick had poor response on the Left and Down inputs.

The solution was to take off the plastic spring housing which moves about on the washer. I then trimmed about 1mm from just inside the bottom of that plastic piece because it was getting stuck on the bottom of the spring during quick movements.

I also tested and found the microswitches worked fine thus verifying that it indeed was the plastic spring housing catching. Once I got it all back together my SE worked 100% as good as possible… with the added comment that this Madcatz SE knockoff stick is pretty ordinary, even the Hori sticks are better in my opinion, but it does the job until you want to upgrade to a Sanwa which is well worth the money if you are serious about your fighting games.

As a side note I found the microswitches in the SE joystick component have printed on them “QMSRON” in the same style as the Sanwa sticks have printed “OMRON”. The big difference being the OMRON microswitches are made in Japan and are High Quality whereas the QMSRON are obviously intended to be an imitation and more likely made in China. Still they work !

The source of the problem in the SE stick in my observations is the fact the washer isn’t fixed down AND the spring and 2 plastic pieces holding and pivoting with it are poorly manufactured and do not fit together as precisely as they should being they are a key component of the mechanical part of the joystick.

This is where SANWA’s superior manufacturing and materials shines through.

  • this is to test if there’s a problem with the stick at fast speeds
    Go into a fighting game that has a input display… turn that on in training mode…

spin the stick slowly and speed up at slow intervals until you are spinning it as FAST AS YOU CAN, making sure that you’re constantly staying on the edge…

if you start to see the pattern get all screwy as you get faster, and dropping inputs, it’s a bad stick.

then, while there, if you notice that your stick isn’t dropping inputs when going fast, try this…

  • this test is make sure there’s no input lag between the buttons and the stick (as in, one is more or less responsive than the other)
    do a hadoken motion with ALL THE BUTTONS (to test each one) VERY SLOWLY, making sure that you hit each input.

Do it faster each time (slowest speed for all six, then second slowest speed for all six, yes this takes a long time)

Do it until you are confident that you’re at the correct speed to throw a fireball.

if this works, then your stick is fine, and your execution needs work.

By the way, I’ve noticed this among MANY people that I’ve talked to about it…

A LOT OF PEOPLE (not all) find it more difficult to input commands that require you to spin the stick towards the right… as in, down, down/right, right+attack than the other way. So if you’re on the P1 side, a hadoken would be more difficult than a spin kick, and from the P2 side, it would be the other way around. I find this harder (as I cannot consistently do Akuma’s Messatsu (HCBx2+P) in Alpha 2 on stick from the P2 side. I can do it 100% from the P1 side though.

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well… How do you know if your fight stick works well