How do you know if your ready for ranked matches?

As the title states when do you know your ready? This may sound sound or whatever but i have a good solid rog atm. I have only done 2 ranked matches to see what its like. Most i ever do on ssf4 is training mode and player matches. Im just not sure when im ready to get out their yet.

If you play rog and can mash jab and do random headbutts, you’re ready for ranked.

The bar’s pretty low. Seeing as you can’t even tell the difference between “there” and “their”, you’ll fit right in.


Keep doing what you’re doing and try 2-3 ranked matches a night. That way you get a feel for it and see what needs improving in your game.

I dont understand why you are worried about ranked matches. If it is the point system, dont worry about it. I did play training a couple of times, and I jumped right into ranked. At first, you will get your ass kicked. a lot. That is just how it goes. Eventually, you get better, and start getting your ass kicked fewer times. The important thing here is: Have fun, and dont worry about gaining/losing points.

Yep, what SJRK said. Ranked matches are just another way of getting to play against real people.

The first thousand PP or so, people aren’t really good at all, sometimes only knowing their character’s specials and a few little techniques involving using normals along with their specials. But generally, get them in the corner with 25% vitality and they’ll be mashing Ultra on wake-up without a doubt.

Basically, provided you’re even slightly good with any character, you can breeze through the first 1,000 PP without too much of a hitch, which is good for confidence and your development, as you’ll probably play against a few different basic styles of players and get a good feel for it. If you’ve played a lot of endless or other friendly matches, you’ll probably be able to progress easily enough anyway. So yeah, you’re ‘ready’.

I played endless matches aside from training when I started Ibuki, you pretty much want to play endless to get rid of the nervousness and familiarize yourself with online matchups.
After that it’s really how you play that decides whether or not you’re ready.

My personal preference is to start Ranked immediately and don’t worry about the points. It’s very easy to drop and catch up again.

When I picked up a new character, I hopped into Endless to get a feel for him. The issue was, I knew I was going to lose because he was new to me and my wait time between matches was just too long. I couldn’t get the feel or rhythm of the character from playing this infrequently. So I approached Ranked with a careless attitude towards my ranking and got the play that I needed to reflect on what I could improve on. I saved a few replays each day and going back to them, I could see myself getting better and better.

just play, nobody cares if you win or lose.

This could be the answer to about 75% of all posts on SRK :wink:

It’s a valid point though. Nobody, especially you, should really care about your win/loss ratio or losing streaks or whatever. Starting up with SSFIV online is a painful learning curve that you can only get through by playing and losing a ton of fights. You just have to think of it as paying your dues, give it time and you’ll get better. And even then you’ll still come across people that use rarely seen characters in a way you have no idea how to counter. That’s when this site can be really useful.

Ranked matches are just matches at the end of the day. There’s just a lot less waiting around than in Team/Tournament/big Endless lobbies.

Ranked matches are really a joke, the best players are found in Endless. The problem with Ranked is that it’s hard to improve, as you only get to play each player once then you move on, so you don’t have time to learn to observe playstyles and how to adapt once you understand how a player is playing. If you just want to mess around, Ranked is great, but don’t worry about the point system it means absolutely NOTHING.

I guess what you all are saying is true its just that im not heading for any tournaments so i really only have online mode lol. I had a bad experience with bp in sf4 dont want it to happen again. I know i shouldnt care about bp but i just think it seperates who from who in my view.

I recommend playing Arcade Mode with the Fight Request feature turned on and with the Skill Level at “Same”. I tried this for the first time today and it’s a great feature. You get nearly non-stop ranked matches, and you don’t have to fuss with any menus.

I’ve had the game for a week, lurked here and realized this game is deep, and thought there was no way I could compete with anyone online any time soon. I’m only just now beating Arcade Mode on Medium without losing once, so I’m still relatively nooby, yet even I am able to get ranked wins. So there is hope for anyone.

But more importantly, playing against humans is way more educational than playing against the AI which doesn’t punish me for my bad habits and so on. So losing a lot and watching your replays is probably the best way to go.

Oh yeah, first post. Hi.

tl;dr Arcade Mode with Fight Request ON

I think the arcade mode is more about understanding how the AI works than actually playing well. The AI is alright for practicing combos, but actually trying to learn something from it? It’s almost worthless. I say almost, because you can sometimes see what moves you can interrupt and whatnot by playing arcade mode. Want to beat arcade mode on hardest? Walk up to the CPU, spam a special or heavy kick (or heavy punch) and then when you get Ultra, use it randomly. CPU is designed to rarely block Ultras.

The question should be:

How do you know if you are ready for tournaments.

How do you know if you’re ready?

Throw yourself into the deep-end and see what happens. You’ll sink or swim at it straight off.

And most people would disagree with you on this. I’ve seen a ~800 BP, ~200 PP (aka wins a few but loses the majority) Blanka absolutely obliterate a 3000+ BP, 1500+ PP Cody. BP/PP means absolutely nothing, only shows that you’ve been playing for a long enough time to grind out enough wins to get a higher BP.

It might mean something. If Daigo starts over with a new account, he has 0 PP or if wins a game, he can have like 200 PP. If you have a lot PP it doesn’t mean you’re bad. If you have high PP, you’re most likely competent.

Pick Ryu.

Learn to fb


Jump back, fb.

Welcome to SSF4 ranked, try Ken too!

i mostly just practice all day in training mode, and play like 2 or 3 ranked matches and go on the forums