How do you know if you're just not cut out for competitive play?

I’ve gotten better and leveled up a bit, but I still get bodied a lot. After a while, I get annoyed by it, though at the end of day, it’s just a loss. However, for example, during casuals, I feel like I’m wasting everyone’s time if they can easily beat me, because I know they’d want to face someone who’s on their level. Yes, I have learned something from those losses, but I know deep down everyone’s like, “someone tell this kid to go home” or “My God, he’s fucking trash”. I’ve won some casuals, though, but that’s not the point here. What makes someone not cut out for competitive gaming? When should one stop playing in general? How do people assemble teams (ex: Team Risky Business, kinda curious about that)?

I say stop playing when you don’t get anything out of it anymore. About your second question, assembling teams changes depending on the game really. I have no idea what Team Ricky Business is to be honest.

I heard about them from a video, but yeah. I’m not too keen on teams either.

You should stop playing if you aren’t having fun anymore. Stop worrying about what other people are thinking about because that will not help you in becoming better, at anything.

if you have encountered such opponents that think you are wasting their time, stop playing against them and find someone who thinks otherwise.

It’s all about attitude. If you feel like you’re wasting everybody’s time, and you’re not getting any better, and you don’t feel like improving at the game, then you’re not cut out for it. Competition is rough, you have to learn to be self-motivated to improve as a player, if you want higher tournament results. However, other people just enjoy getting to be a part of the community, and getting to know people in your community through competition, and not necessarily be a top player. It depends entirely on what your goals are.

Honestly you’re going into it with the wrong mindset. You should be thinking about it as ‘I’m gonna grind this guy into a power too fine to snort’ each and everytime. If you get bodied try again next time, if you get bodied again then try try again. It doesn’t matter for the other guy, if you’re an easy tick on the counter then in 30 seconds he doesn’t have to think about you anymore. I think one of the things that the online generation missed out on was the ‘walk of shame’ where you got bodied by a player and you’d just have to walk by to see who it was - and the other dude wouldn’t even look at you. So all you got to do was walk out of there totally nameless.

/Slight rant ahead

Competitive anything is in its nature not for everyone. Y’know why people who are in a slump/want to pick up chicks/anything that requires a boost in confidence suggest weight lifting? Because its an easy to gain self-esteem boost that technically can’t go away. You go, and you get better. Competition requires that you put that esteem on the line to keep it and so requires a more…“stable” mindset. Truthfully its not so dramatic…x? You should try and get more involved and you’ll be able too see more ready improvement, it also makes it easier for people to understand you and not just discount you as ‘that scrub’. You will be expected to improve and if you cannot do that then that would be my classifer for ‘should quit’, but aside from that you should just have fun with it. Its a hobby, but its a SOCIAL hobby - so maybe thats what you’re missing if you’re doing the thinking for other people.

mmmmm. don’t worry so much. you’re worrying too much. go to the tourneys…learn from better players during those casuals. support your local scene/tourney with your money and presence…play & enjoy yourself.
relax more, and don’t care so much about winning, losing, and if you look like a scrub to others or not.
your game will improve substantially if you just calm down bro.

You have to enjoy being a bit of a masochist. Haha, no, what I really mean is you have to have a passion for enduring a lot of frustration and challenges, and when you do surpass all of that and get to the next level, you find the satisfaction worth it, and you begin (and enjoy the challenge of) the next series of frustrations and hard work.

Exactly this. I used to play table tennis competitively (nationally ranked tournaments, imagine having player points but in real life). I would play everyday, grinding matches against many different people trying to improve my strokes, serves, shenanigans, game style in hopes of improving my rank and playing better at the next tournament. After the tournament, my goal reset and I went back to grinding again.

I compare Street Fighter (the game I play) to Table Tennis, because at high level play. It becomes a mind game, it is like playing chess. In order to win, you must lose. I have lost probably over 1000 times. I have played many people that were vastly out of my skill range, but I would always want to play these people. I would get experience against expert level techniques and would take that experience into my rank level matches and would dominate. I played table tennis competitively for 3 years and finally lost interest in the sport. Its a shame to say but I no longer found grinding fun and slowly fell out of the sport. I had already started bodybuilding competitively and now I am hoping to play street fighter competitively =)

No joke…

But by making threads like this. If you can’t cope with figuring your own gameplan out and be devoted enough to learn yourself, your weaknesses, and learn how to fix these problems, you’ve already lost the competitive edge. This isn’t a question that can have a measurable answer. Only you know if you’re cut out to be competitive, and I feel like creating a thread like this is the first step to failing at that.

You’re not cut out for competitive play if you give up.

I say you should “start it over”. Get your main and learn and master the guides for that character. Then it’s Domination 101 etc. for you. Get that mindset, confidence and motivation right and you’re ready to re-enter the scene. It can take a while, but you’ll love the fruits you’ve grown.

when you’re not having fun move on.