How do you know which side a character will appear on?


If you down a team mate, how do you know what side the next character will show up? Is it the opposite side that you’re currently on? Or is it the player’s side (1P chars pop out on 1P side and 2P chars out on 2P side)?

The side you’re facing.

Yourcharacter should be facing that way just before they come out. I think if you hug a corner to close the game will make a point to bring them in the other side.

this is actually a very good question, i hsvent found a “rule” yet. 80% of the time they come out where they should… the other 20% the game seems to throw a monkey wrench in.


You would think. I lost a match last night because of what I feel was a bullshit tag in. I was down to Sentinel and took out the guy’s Dante in the corner. This left me in said corner and facing it, couldn’t move any further right. I expected the game to compensate for that and have his last team member, Akuma, come in on the other side of the screen and I prepared for it by planning to throw out a L Sentinel Force and laser spitting. But no it popped out Akuma between Sent and the corner, pushing Sent back and totally throwing me off. I ended up doing a too early whiffed L Rocket Punch. This let him throw out a Tatsu > Hadoken hyper combo, which was all he needed to win since Sent was already hurting.

No idea why the game decided to do that.

Isn’t it based on your position relative to the dead body?

Yup, this is what I go with and it has never failed me.

Easiest way to tell is just look which way the other person is facing.

it’s the side you are facing.

I can concur with GC76. I was in a similar situation. I jumped up to meet them in the air and pewpew, dante pops in from the wrong side and just goes ahead with his goods. I sometimes was wondering if you held a specific button or combination, you could pick which side, like switching the starting char in a match.
Because when it happens, it almost seems the other guy anticipated it, either that or quick reaction

if you down an opponent what ever side you are facing should be where their next character will appear unless you are jumping into the wall it might change i dont know you can normaly select what side they will appear by being on either side of the downed character

Twice now I’ve had my character jump in over the current opponent’s head and cross themselves up. Right until they come in the guy is pointing into the corner, my character comes in from that corner, but they land on the other side and eat it.