How do you learn a new matchup?

Hello everyone,

I’m not a veteran of this game,I started playing 2 years ago but now i want to learn it deeper than i did in the last few months.
Since i’ve got AE I switched from my freebuki to Cody and i’m in trouble with the strategy other ppl use when i play online.
Usually they play hide and seek with me jumping backwards all the time to keep distance and biting me with fireballs and everything they have
while i’m trying to close the gap between me and them.

It’s really frustrating and brings me to perform stupid moves like jumping forward or medium ruffian kick to get close to them offering a free
punish all the time :frowning: and at the same time i have no time to train combos or frame traps cos i’m too busy at closing the distance.

I have no friends playing SSF4 and there is no SSF4 community where i live so i decided to hit the Training mode and use it to improve my skills.

but i have no clue how to use it effectively…

atm here it is my workout

  1. practicing some links and BnB combos setting the dummy in a standing position with autoblock on
  2. practicing some hitconfirm with autoblock set to random
  3. practicing some reaction to jumpin setting the dummy to record and then repeat (spamming jumpin or crossups)
  4. practicing some fireball avoidance setting it to record and repeat (spamming fireballs)

I have no others idea how to use it wisely and obviously when u got timing it becomes predictable and there is no skill
improvement. ( i know there is a guide that tells you some drills to perform in order to use it as a learning tool but i cannot find it damn!!)

so the big question is "how do you learn a new matchup?"
let’s say u pick up RYU as opponent, what do u do to prepare urself for the match?

I read “WAMO On Block” trying to figure out what is safe and which options i have.
I watch a tons of video
I read a tons of matchup tips
I practice in training mode against a dummy recorded to perform the RYU BnB’s
I lose every fucking game against him when i move online
I bite the pillow of my couch and punch my table
I watch my replays in order to learn from my mistakes

then I calm down and I repeat everything from the beginning :slight_smile:

Seriously m8s i need tips,

Tnx in advance and sorry for my english!

Watch your replays. Look for what went wrong, why he hit you with that, why was that difficult to block. Think about it. If you can’t think of a way out of it, set the dummy to do the same thing your opponent did, and try to counter it. The only way to really learn matchups is to play them. Sure you can be theory fighter pro, but putting it in action is a little more difficult.
For example: I can do all of Dudley’s combos. I know his mixup game. But I don’t know how to get my offense started.
That’s where experience comes in.

What system are you on? Sounds like the easiest way is to find someone to do what you’re losing too until you work it out. HIt me up - I have a number of setups I need someone else to try as well :wink: I have AE for XBL and will be on Super for PSN for the next week or so (until I get my hands on the disk). Shouldn’t be a problem if you want assistance vs runaway Ryu’s though.



my PSN is il_Tammeo
add me when u want :slight_smile: