How do you learn how to play makoto?

Hey guys , I’m fairly new to the game , I’ve been playing for ~100 hours± afk time in the lobby , I played ryu , but he’s boring , plus I still can’t do any combos.
Then I went to an endless lobby with a friend and started randoming , and I randomed makoto , she seems like a really fun character but since I’m really bad at the game I can’t really play her YET, and I thought I would ask here how can I learn her , pace to pace . I want to start with normals and few cancels , then get into some easy links , I can’t really trust youtube to teach me anything.
Another big problem I have with every character , even if I can hit a small combo in the training room , I don’t know how to start it in a real match , I can’t initiate it , also I can’t get to fadc into u1 on ryu because I don’t get a … natural feel , if I want to do it I have to fish for a shoryuken and I leave everything else aside to do that ,I don’t do other moves , etc.

If you’re gonna learn Makoto, here are the steps I recommend:

  1. Learn your mobility tools. Mak has probably the most unique set of movement options in the game. Familiarize yourself with her forward moving command normals, dashes, how to alter your jump arc with axe kick, ect.

  2. Learn your buttons. Mak has one of the best sets of normals in the entire game (except for a chainable 3 frame light attack), so getting familiar with their functions is priority.

  3. Discipline yourself not to overuse Karakusa. I know that command grab is tempting, but the quickest way to die as Makoto is throwing out predictable Karakusas and getting blown up for them. As a rule of thumb, I never try for more than two in a single round.

  4. After you learn all this, THEN you can start piecing together combos and tryin to learn setups. The biggest key to playing Makoto doesn’t lie in getting her heavy execution stuff but rather getting in the right mindset to play as her. It’s all about getting into your opponent’s head. Sometimes optimal damage output isn’t necessarily the best option if you can manage to break someone’s mental guard another way.

Just how I look at it anyway.

Thanks for the answer , much appreciated.
How exactly should I use my mobily tools? And , as makoto , should I throw in normals , just like with ryu? For poking? If possible , a little bit of simplified but detailed information(if that makes any sense) about those would help greatly.

In short :
Be careful with forward dashing ( it’s easy to dash into the other guy normals or specials sibnce she dash so far )
Use fMP and fLK for little movement forward.
Don’t forget to walk a bit to adjust positioning, even if she’s slow
LK axekick over fireballs

Poke with mainly stMP and crMP.

Watch a bunch of good makotos on youtube and twitch, so you get a feel of how she’s playedright. Names to look up include Haitani ( mainly AE2012 stuff ), Misse, Vryu, Masterbloothy4, Meu

Forward fierce > Yamase is a great tool for blowing up the Focus Attacks people seem to love sitting on at mid range, as is the Target Combo. Generally is your go to pressure and combo tool, and utilize to stay close.

The thing to bear in mind is that almost all of Makoto’s stuff is technically DPable (aside from some wakeup setups) so you’re probably gonna be eating more mashed DPs than you might be used to. Learning to deal with this tendency in players and condition them to stop derping on uppercuts so much is one of the biggest mental hurdles one will overcome while learning Mak.

Seems difficult , but that probably won’t be the worst thing , I gonna have to learn to to play without combos , with ryu its easier cuz i can just fish for mk / mp into hado , tatsu through fireballs , he has a good anti-air , here i’m gonna have to work a lot to get any damage in , high-level players are things I may have to watch at some later point during the learning process .

You rake up damage very fast with using her medium to poke ( her fMP does 90 damage, that’s as much as most heavy normals ) , and she has good damage on punishes.
You might not have the crux of crMK xx Hado, but not being able to kill people is usually not the issue you’ll run into.

Also, use crMK anti air a lot. It wins games at lower level by itself.

Cool , I’l try that all tomorrow =) . Thanks guys!

Her mobility takes a while to get used to. Like previously mentioned, learn to use her normals to move. Try not to get too dash happy, because it’ll get you punished.

Are you on xbox? My makoto’s quite rusty but I’ll spar with you some if you want. gt: P Fro

I’m on pc unfortunately , also from the eu=). But thank you for the offer , I appreciate all of you trying to help.
PS: I’ve got a sparring friend that plays chun , vega and guile , what should I try to do against them?

Vega and Chun pick W Ultra, they have options that it punishes easily. Bit too tired from work today to offer any more specific tips at the moment, might come back tomorrow to drop some more knowledge.

Okey =) , thank you.

Most of the important stuff has already been said but apart from practicing stuff in the training room, just play with her, get punished for your mistakes and try to react properly the next time. She has a lot of useful tools, the problem is most of them are very specific, you don’t have a shoryuken to solve most of your worries. Talking about the shoryu, if you s.LK on people while they are on the ground, you get pushed back, so you can use that as a last move in a string of attacks before they wake up to bait DPs and be in a safe distance against grabs (which you can then whiff punish), and if they shoryu just block and make them pay.