How do you learn matchups


Ok so Im a new player for Sf4 who used to use Ryu. Most good players I played with said I was out of the scrub phase and was starting to “get” the game a little. Now I’m using Yang and good god I am terrible. Apparently Yang is a pretty difficult character but I think I can stick with him. I just am having problems with his links and negative edge fucking with it in my BnBs.

Now while I’m practicing those, I think I really need to learn match ups as well. Now I may be wrong on this but besides the Yang Match up thread I dunno where else to learn match ups besides videos. But I’m not sure what to watch in the videos really to learn what to do in the Match up

So how do you guys learn match ups?


Match ups are not really important. You have your moves and the other guy has his. Before I stopped playing for awhile I was bored enough to try out every character and that made knowing which moves the other guy has a lot easier.


Matchups are of the highest importance. Disregard the nonsense posted above.

You have to research matchups. Go into training mode figure out ways to get around things, go online ask for help often times theres matchup threads on character forums, videos are good too.

Since you’re new (I think) i think you should stick to Ryu for a little while until you get the basics of zoning and footsies down.

This video tutorial will show you concepts from SF2 that apply in SF4 as well. I just like this one because I find that he has some of the best explanations. There are others on youtube if you search

^theres a part 2 to this video
^this guy made other videos you should watch


step 1 play match
step 2 watch replay and take notes on what worked and what didn’t
step 3 goto character matchup thread in the forums for both characters and see what others have found. Take notes.
step 4 rewatch replay and review all your notes.
step 5 enter training room and practice what you have learned
step 6 go back to step 1


In response to LegendarTyran:

Matchup is everything. Classic example is Diago vs Xians Gen. Xian beat him…
but they next time they met Diago beat Xian 10-0. Why? He learnt the matchup!


I learn matchups by playing against them, and sometimes playing as the character I’m trying to beat, but taking notes and watching replays is definitely the way to go. Maybe matchups aren’t as important at the base level of play (which I’m in), but they help a TON, and are necessary once you start learning character specific punishes etc.


Thanks guys! Definitely gonna actually learn match ups now way better now than how I did becore