How Do You Learn To Parry On Reaction?

yea… i know parry training, but the problem is i have no clue what to start with when i go to learn things to parry… the only thing that was suggested to me was to have ryu and akuma keep doing fbs, ex fbs and supers…
this is the most important thing for 3s… imo and in many others, so i’d appreciate the help

parry just comes with experience. play more matches and just try to parry wat you can. u just need to get a feel for most moves.

In the moment of enemy strike move your lever forward to parry the attack!

If you think your opponent is going to go low. Look for their sprite to move and go ahead and tap down. If you were right BAM parry if not you aren’t out anything so go back to defensive mode. If you think you know where they are going start to look for it and when they move hit the direction. It works for me.

Edit: This is best used at a med. range. Point blank you are out. A missed parry attempt can mean half your bar. However most characters aren’t able to do this without bar from a medium distance.

One thing you need to realize is that not all parries are done on reaction.
Many quick moves are just impossible to parry on reaction, what high level players do is educated guesses.
That’s expecially true for close quarters parries.
They think “now the opponent will attack low” and they tap down when they think the low move will come out.
It’s not like you should try to guess aeverytime, that would be just plain stupid.
But, for starting, just observe your opponents’ habits and parry accordingly.
Fighting against low level players which know how to play (not total scrubs who mash buttons, those are not easy to parry lol) is the best training.
Like, if you see that everytime they block your cMK they cMK you right back, on the next blocked cMK, just tap down as soon as your cMK recovers… and you’ll “catch” theirs.
As the play level gets higher, it gets quite more complicated and risky, but that is still the basic idea behind close quarters parries.

And always remember, blocking is very good in 3s even though most players heavily underrate it. There’s no guard crush in this game, and normal throws don’t deal big damage. If your opponent isn’t being obvious, blocking is FAR more safer.
“Lucky parries”, if ever, should be attempted ONLY if you are in a very bad position with not much health left, and if you can really take advantage of that (not worth it if you can deal only deal 10 pixels damage after, be it a spacing or meter matter).

Sure, there are players who try to get the lucky parry everytime. Sure, they may steal some matches against good players doing that. But on the long run they’ll lose fare more than they win, because while it can work sometimes since the parry system is so loose, it’s a stupid tactics.

all the above, but if you cant be bothered

just block and learn red parries

thatll fuck everyone up honestly.

(please everyone do that to bring 3s into another dimension)

[edit- actually, i changed my mind dont]

Actual vs play is the best way to learn to parry, as others have said. Youll see other people parrying things and pick up on certain parry rythyms this way.

Parrying training is also great. Start with the fireballs, EXs and supers like you said. Keep practicing those until its second nature.

After that just practice random things. Jumping kicks from the shotos (RH) are good things to practice with, it gets you in the habit of parrying jumpins.

When youre ready to try red parrying, start with somthing simple, like Ryu’s cr.MK x Hadouken, or Chuns back Fierce x Kioken. Those are pretty easy to red parry, just remember to put the stick into neutral before parrying it (you probably knew that but just for good measure). Then move onto supers. The first thing I learned to red parry was the last hit of Uriens Tyrant Slaughter. Good luck!

Best way is to start parrying fireballs. You’ll need to learn that against Ryu SAIII anyways. Then after time it starts to become second nature. I’ve been playing Third Strike obsessively for 7 months now and only now am I parrying with confidence.

To first get good at red parries, block Ryu’s fierce hurricane kick . That’s how I did it.

Go to normal training mode, select the characters, set dummy to CPU and difficulty to hardest. Then, try to parry everything they do. Awesome stuff to do when you’re bored.

get someone to throw wrenches at you. if you can parry a wrench, you can parry in 3S

Guess. Always guess. Screw anticipation & recation parries. Guess parries > all.

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Damn my old man escaped death by parrying a flying powertool…he must be a total beast in 3s.


Parrying things in real life is top tier.

words cannot teach you how to parry,you must understand the parry. BECOME the parry,then,and only then will you understand

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parrying is definitely not the most important thing in this game. not even close.
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Actually he said he plays like Pino’s Necro. Either would be a blatant overstatement.

Anyway, it might have been explained already but parrying is mostly instinctive. There’s nothing hard execution-wise about pressing forward. The hard part is evaluating the situation and deciding whether or not to go for it, and getting the timing right. Playing against other people often should be enough practice. Parry training in practice mode is fucking boring.

U mean u HAVE to go thru neutral before u can Red Parry? O.o

No wonder i get my ass handed to me all the time i try to Red Parry out of sumthin :frowning:

Parrying is the most important thing in 3S, besides the foosball.