How do you like your normal throws?

Do you prefer a whiffable throw animation or not when it comes to normals?


I prefer throw whiffs, so you need to actually mean your throw

The oldschool way allows you to option select like crazy if the button used for the throw is also used for a useful/quick/high-priority normal

Wouldn’t that be a good thing.

For the player (ab)using it, yes

As a design goal, no

imo of course

It can work if throws have very, very short range (like throwing with strong punch in Garou), but I still prefer a separate command

Whiffable throws are harder to use though, but they feel right to me.

whiffable throws can be punished so theyre good to have

Kara throws!

there would be no kara throws without whiffable throws!! of course i want them!

kara throw leads to doper option selects anyway