How do you like your vids?


Only vote on what you would use seriously, if you only used it a couple times because you had to, don’t check the box. Thanks for the participation!.

I use Youtube about 90% of the time.

Now that I have a paypal I’ll probably start buying DVDs. I bought EVO 04 off of a friend.

Youtube, its the future.

abuse youtube while it’s free

(they have to make money somehow to keep those servers running)

youtube sucks cuz i like my videos fullscreen and youtube full hurts my eyes

torrents would be better if they had constant seeds and peers (effing leechers)

i like preppys page
and fuck buying dvds i dont have a credit card


Combovideos has lots of vids and tutorials for all kinds of games…i use it a lot
torrents also for the japanese matches and tournaments…
and of course youtube if you wanna just watch something and show it to other ppl…

Torrents are good, but if I want a quick fix, Youtube is the answer.

anyway that i can get them.

Youtube. Although the quality is shite more often than not, it’s free.

I vote for Prep…I like the ability to download & keep them.

H82’s avatar FTW! :lol:

In the days before and all this new file sharing/video sites we had to buy copied VHS tapes from another member. Omni was the biggest distributor back in the day. Oh how it would feel waiting for a new tape to arive. To this day I still have all my VHS tapes that i purchased off Omni. And because of that I still like to buy what is available.

Downloading and all that just doesn’t give me the same reward as waiting for it to come in the mail. It is better for me to have to wait for the UPS man to come and bring me my “Proof-of-Geeknes”.

Youtube sucks! :arazz: I’d appreciate if you guys just stuck to forums and non-Youtube style video display. Been trying to start my site for like…5 years now? :wonder:

I’ve used all of those but I prefer direct downloads (i.e. Preppy/Combovideos) and DVDs to most of the other stuff but sometimes you just have to use torrents or filesharing programs. Anything BUT YouTube please! Even though I understand it is the most viable option for most people to host their videos (those that don’t have any web hosting) and such but the quality is just plain horrible. And I believe they limit the length too and that sucks also.

I don’t like youtube (quality) either. Voted for Preppy DL

I’m too lazy to wait for full downloads and I don’t like videos clogging up space on my computer, so I voted for youtube even though the video quality is usually poor.

I was really surprised to see torrents not winning. It’s the most efficient way to send a large file, what’s the deal here? If your internet access randomly cuts out, you won’t have to restart the download like you do with some regular download services. Also, YouTube is nice, but you can’t watch a video unless you have internet access when you want to watch the vid, and I feel that’s a significant problem.

My second choice was DVDs.

download is the only way. I like to watch vids at my leisure…

I usually d/l my vids from game41, or random japanese websites.

Youtub when I don’t care about quality. Otherwise, I’m a direct download man (a la ComboVideos)