How do you link into u1

?? I do c.HK > u1 and it whiffs on training dummy,

i try in the corner and it whiffs

i try ex mgb > u1 and it whiffs

also whiffs after ex mgb duck upper or duck str8 into u1 …

whats the secret?

Also it works after a high hitting short swing blow (like if you hit yang’s DP waaaaaaaay up

I tried this out and got it to link after EX MGB. Feels like a tight link though

Or am just bad

Nah the EX MGB link is pretty tight. I tired several timings and only got it once when I was messing with it yesterday.

yea it feels like you need to do it pretty much instantly as ex mgb ends.

Yeah, you have to get it out before the opponent starts falling from the juggle.

Because the flash is like 1 frame and counts as the start up of the move, you can actually buffer 2 X QCF and double or triple tap 3 kicks to get it out if you’re struggling.

Why would use U1 though? It does less damage after an EX MGB than U2 does. It is a better punish damage-wise but still. Something I don’t know about? I am REALLY liking that buff.

Ultra 1 used in juggles is only good in those match ups where U1 is a better choice than U2.

For Examble Zangief, T.Hawk, Honda. It won’t matter if they dont make a mistake by whiffing an command grab or using an unsafe on block move like dive / headbutt. Idk how to explain it since everyone ultra 2 anyway

When you have Ultra stock, need to close the match and EX MGB Duck Straight LP MGB isn’t enough

cr.HK to U1 is easy and can be made in the middle of screen. The EX.MGB U1 was more tricky.

noone try duck upper > u1 yet? it’s a bit harder than uh… ex mgb u1.

sometimes you gotta dash / walk forward to be in range.
I had to duck upper > EX duck > u1 vs a sim once

Just tested various possibles of adding u1 as a combo ender.

cr.HK > u1 = 5 hits (including cr.HK) it’s not 1 frame, it’s definitely more because it’s too easy. (btw kept doing this and got all 5 hits from u1)
EX MGB > u1 = it’s a little tight, thinking it’s 1 frame and 11 hits.

These 2 work anyway. Now for EX MGB > LK/MK Duck xx Upper FADC U1 = gives you 4 ultra hits and works anywhere on screen. this is the easiest or ried as easiest vs. cr.HK anywhere.

This doesn’t work vs full 2 hit duck upper after EX MGB because u1 seems to not add juggle after full duck upper hits.

vs characters where 1 duck upper hits, such as deejay or honda, u1 won’t connect as well.

testing MK SSB FADC on hit possibilities midscreen and corner. Shit works pretty much everywhere. Testing MK SSB FADC st.MP st.HK LP Jet Upper / HP Jet Upper on the cast.

You can link Super after juggling U1


Based on what Mellow said, I am disappoint that U1 only has 2 juggle points (lol SF4 juggle system). It does explain why U1 was whiffing after EX MGB > Ducking Upper though. I thought I was just going crazy.