How do you make a joystick out of a 360 wired conroller?

Before I start blowing up 360s left and right, has anyone frankenstein a wired 360 controller into a gutted-out empty stick box?

i just did my first one today…soldering kinda sucks but i saved $30 compared to if i would have bought it from someone on here.

I’ve done it twice so far. I started with what is not preferred - a non-common ground 360 pad. It worked, but there are two wires for every button and direction. The other night, I pulled the old pad out and put in a madcatz retro xbox livearcade gamestick ($9.99 at gamestop if you can find it!) and now I have a daisy chained ground wire which makes much more nice looking and neat in the box.

The box I used for my prototype was an old subwoofer box made from 3/4" MDF that I used for two 8" subwoofers. It was relatively shallow (6"), and pretty much stick shaped already - just bigger. 22"x14". I removed the top panel and turned it upside down. I went to and picked a joystick layout. I printed the layout from photoshop then used blue painters tape to secure the template to the box. With a 1 1/8" hole drill, I proceeded to drill all the holes (with pilot hole first, of course!)

Once the prototype was done, I went to home depot and bought some new 3/4" MDF and made my new box specifically for the stick. once done, I transferred the buttons, joystick and hacked gamepad into the new stick.

Coinciding with the gamepad swap recently, I decided to change the box design slightly and clean it up using a rounded router bit. Currently the stick is apart awaiting final painting. pics when done.

Grand total cost was roughly $50, and its just like I like it. I’m adding an MC Cthulhu board soon, so add $25 and some time.

I’m looking at this diagram and wondering that for each of the buttons, would I have to run a ground wire? Here’s what I got so far.

I’m following this diagram.

you might of came to the wrong forum because there is no info here about that…

That’s not even the same PCB. :rolleyes:

Like I said, I’m FOLLOWING it.

I really want to nail this down cuz Mas is saying it’s 240 for a P.360, and that’s before tax and S/H… ehhhh

Vercette…I see your from Orlando. I’ve done plenty of these types of mods, for a small fee I can have this done for you in a day or two.

a friend of mine was helping me wire a madcatz wired 360 pad and we went with this diagram

we soldered onto all of the correct spots and when we were finished i threw it into the MAS stick shell, hooked everything up and proceded to try to play…

now here are the problems:

-xbox wont turn on by just pressin the button on the stick. (so i had to turn it on manually)

-opened it back up and the light on the xbox button was on… controller is being recognized tho…

-i tried to move and select stuff but the only thing i got was up but from the inputs up, down, a and start. nothing else does jack…

-checked the schematics for everything and we did it properly so now i’m just stuck and baffled… we did however used only one ground and daisy chained it for both buttons and directions. should we have done separate grounds even tho they’re all common?

my buddy thinks it has to do with the 5v point and says it might be a conflict with the power… but if so what do we do with the 5v point?

anyone have any ideas or feedback on this? i’d appreciate any and all help…


I had the same problem. The 5v power source should be the red wire on the usb set of wires.

As for the diagram, I too followed it, but came to realize, some of the contact points were on the opposite side of the intended locations on the diagram.

Try and take a closer look at the PCB and look at the contacts. If they branch out and have a trail that leads to a tiny hole, that’s where you wire it. The other contact point should just be the big slab of “silver”.

Except the directionals, they all share one ground as you can trace each ground to the same line.

Hope that made sense.

I made a guide for this. It is linked in the essentials sticky.

It for a particular type of pad, but can be modified to work on others.
There is also a thread dedicated to padhacking.

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How to padhack an 08/09 Madcatz 4716 Common Ground Xbox 360 Pad

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