How do you make a PCB common ground?


I’m currently working with a pcb that isnt common ground. I know that there are methods to make a non common ground PCB into a common ground one. How can it be done?


Look here:

Be wary that the method is not fool-proof for every PCB (and it costs).

You’d better buy a common-ground PCB for your project


Thanks a lot man! I appreciate it.


If you’re dual modding, get a common ground pad (I’m sure more than a few SRKTT members would be more than happy to sell you one). If you just want to stick a JLF, just replace the TP-MA with individual microswitches (or get a JLF-TM8).


If you are attempting a dual-mod, unless you are really good at electronics I just go with a common ground PCB.


I’m not dualmodding a stick. If I were I be using MCChtulu, Chimp, or something similar. I’m performing an experiment which involves hooking up a certain ps3 controller(non common ground) to an arduino board.


For all technical purposes, since the arduino is common ground, and the Cthulhu from what I understand is based of arduino architecture, you are still essentially performing a dual-mod. I am not sure what you are trying to attempt here, and which PS3 controller are you using. Telling us more details will help us understand what you are doing so we can offer better input.


If you’re trying to control a PS3 controller via microcontroller (Arduino) in some way, you’ll definitely want the controller to be common ground. That’s not exactly what a dual-mod is, but you’ll want them connected similarly electronically. If you can’t work with a CG controller, depending on latency needs and budget there’s a couple alternative solutions.