How do you make a team?


I’m curious as to how other SRKers make their UMVC3 teams. I dropped the game because I couldn’t find a viable team to use (that wasn’t taken from someone else), so maybe you guys can help me out with ways to form a good team. I know it’s all about assists but is there a method? Only use assists that have properties your other characters don’t? Is 1 main, 2 assists better than 2 mains, 1 assist? etc.


What you should do is pick a character and build a team around them. Then you should pick assists that help cover any of the character’s weaknesses and help you take advantage of the character’s strengths. The last character should be an anchor who is capable of handling their own without the need of assists. That’s how I build most of my teams anyways.


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My team is Doom/Vergil/Wesker. Because Doom builds hella meter. Vergil uses said hella meter while being able to make good use of Weskers gunshot assist. Wesker is just good for anchor because he can hold his own and him with Xfactor is pretty self explanatory

  1. Pick a character that you like, mess around with them for a bit. Identify their strengths and weaknesses. How is their movement? Can they control the ground? Air? How is their damage? Can they OTG?

  2. Identify the biggest of the weaknesses, find an assist that covers it. Projectiles for ground control, Anti-Airs for air control, OTGs for damage etc. The character with that assist will be your preliminary anchor.

  3. Learn your BnBs, how do they end? What sort of DHC will lead to the biggest damage? Find a character with this sort of DHC, the pool here is probably very large, so take other factors into consideration. Do they have an assist that will also supplement your point character in terms of covering a weakness or supplementing a strength? Do they benefit from your preliminary anchors assist? Do their assists benefit your preliminary anchor? If your point character is still alive do they have an assist that benefits the DHC character? This character goes in the 2nd slot for now. (Note: This step is specific to teams that have the goal that 90% of teams do, do damage until the other guys are dead. For specialist Phoenix/Frank/Lawyer teams this step is different)

  4. Mess with the team for a while, are you happy with the way it works? If yes, move on to 5, if no, consider things like: Does your favourite character have to be played on point? Would they make a better 2nd or anchor? If so, what does that mean for your other characters or assists? Is your anchor screwed when they come in last? Consider a new anchor, or consider whether your aim could be to blow x-factor early and ride momentum to tear the heart out of an opponents team. Keep tweaking your team until you’re happy.

  5. Fuck up your team order, does it still work? 99% of teams wont work as well, but does it still function? If not, consider changing things again, because this will happen!

  6. Technology, technology, technology. Work on your team in training every time you turn the game on and just try new things. Let it evolve organically and don’t be scared to change something for a few days, you can always go back.

Obviously not all teams start with a favourite character, sometimes they start with “X and Y seem like they work pretty well together” or “X is simple on point and Y is derpy on anchor” but i think the majority of people who actually THINK about building teams start with “I’m gonna build a ______ team” and i think the above is a pretty good template for doing that.


My personal rules for making a team (you can take pointers if you want, but I’m warning you I intentionally put stupid stuff here because it’s personal):

1.) Ammy should be in the team somewhere

…that’s pretty much it. I’m sorry but my favoritism shows :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, pick a character that you want to revolve your team around. You can revolve your team around any of the positions; point, middle, or anchor. Point-emphasis teams use both assists to help out the point character, and aims to finish a match without ever switching out. Middle-emphasis teams have point characters that deal a lot of hurt or build a lot of meter for the middle character, and the first character is usually a sacrifice character. The middle can then proceed to clean things up. Anchor emphasis characters revolves around setting the entire field correctly for the anchor by the time given for having point and middle characters.

Having all your characters to be ones you like (I know I like all my characters in my main team) is a bonus, and it’s a larger bonus if they have synchronization. Unfortunately, you’ll more often than not have to put characters that you don’t necessarily like just to make them work. Fortunately however, unlike MvC2, UMvC3 makes it a point that you can pretty much make any character work, but it requires pairing with very specific characters. At least you get one character that you like eh, lol


I just pick whatever 3 characters i like and learn to MAKE them work together through experience, practice, and willpower. May take a while but the more time spent with the team, the more you’ll learn their little quirks, tactics and strategy they can do together. Eventually you’ll get used to their particular style and it’ll feel like second nature.

Always annoys me when i hear talk of team “synergy” and members talking certain teams and who works best with which. In my opinion they are just limiting themselves and need to think outside the box more. Plenty of “unorthodox” combinations out there that can work well, not just whatever is commonly accepted as being effective in the community.

In MVC2 for example, my last and longest mainstay team was Bison/Charlie/Storm. Don’t care if they had synergy or not, at the peak of my skills(before i moved to Marvel 3), i wrecked many a player with that team.


My view is basically the same as True Graves above. To speak about other aspects of it and examples, you could really just pick any team you like. The only limitations to your team in the end will be done to your level of skill, above all else.

In actually, it wasn’t a hypothesis for the best team which got tested out and proved correct in tournaments that creates viable teams, but rather the innovation, creativity and ingenuity and skill of the players themselves. No one was saying Morrigan and Doctor Doom would have made an effective team, then Chris G showed up with them. And Justin Wong got beaten in the UFGT8’s Winners Final by Di3minion, who used the same team Justin Wong called incomplete in his *Step Your Game Up: Character Selection *editorial, where he also said he suggest Di3minion replace Doctor Strange with Doctor Doom because Strange didn’t offer Di3minion’s team much. And Zero May Cry was called the ‘best’ team as Mihe showed what the combination was capable of, but is still yet to win a major? At least to my knowledge.

And no one would’ve made Tron, Thor, and She-Hulk out to be viable teams.

Don’t worry if you get inspiration from others for your team (I wanted to learn to use Strider on point, and Chou showed me how lol). I would strongly suggest not only picking characters you like, but also getting better at the game as well. There’s nothing to say you can’t discover something viable with them.


Pretty much that. Games are designed to be enjoyed, and imo it’s most fun to play your three favourite characters, whether they make a “good team” or have “amazing synergy” or not. You can always find synergy for them.


Part of the funfactor and challenge of a fighter imo, is representing the characters you like and learning to make them effective. Even if they happen to be lower tier.

I don’t see how some players can just pick up a fighter and immediately gravitate to whomever the best characters are, whether they personally give a damn about them or not. Kinda boring.


I suspect it’s about competition. I rarely see people playing teams they like, powerful or not, get angry at the game; yet it happens all the time with Vergil/Dante/3rd character teams (and various others) with flashy combos and/or easy setups that lose to thought-out ABCS, or zoning teams, or such like. Too much emphasis on winning instead of enjoying the game when they pick their characters.


I agree. I choose teams based on who I like. And I myself like to experiment with different character combinations and such. For example I have been playing with Ryu, Akuma, and Chun-li for my luv of Street Fighter, Also trying out the Big 3 Nemesis, Hulk, Sentinel. I have always prefer to make theme teams even in MVC2. And I like to use the characters no one is willing to use because they take more practice. Aka using Zangief in MVC2 it had some powerful air combos. Makes me sad there is no real grappler like Zangief there are few characters with good command grabs but none like Zangief. But I believe that any team can work. To quote Tim Gunn “Make it Work!”


Shulk & Spencer + 1 or Wolv & Akuma + 1 :open_mouth:
I life BFF teams :3


i understand the point you’re trying to make here, but it’s a somewhat flawed statement. the skill of a player is going to count for far, far more in a tournament setting than whatever three characters/assists they bring to the table. you can run a sub-optimal team and still get great results because you were the better player/you were more comfortable with your team/your playstyle negated your opponent’s. ABEGEN’s team works for him because he is a fantastic player with great fundamentals, and he could essentially run whatever characters he wanted and still win tournaments. i played against someone running Tron/Thor/SHulk fairly recently and did nothing but zone him out, because the team didn’t have any real answers to zoning other than mighty spark assist. could i beat ABEGEN straight up in a tournament? absolutely not, his fundamentals carry that team and the opponent’s unfamiliarity with the team do the rest.

with that said, there are naturally going to be some teams that are, as a unit, stronger than the opposition. Zero May Cry is very likely one of the best teams currently in this game. you pointed out that Mihe has yet to win a major with it, but i don’t see what that has to do with the team itself. when i watched Mihe at FRXV, i saw his team putting in crazy amounts of work…when Zero was alive. while he was doing well with Vergil/Dante, he still had (at that time) some holes in his gameplan once his point character was gone. it’s also worth noting that FRXV is a great example of the point i was making earlier, as Kusoru won the whole thing not because his team was the absolute best, but because he had great fundamentals and played to his strengths.

i guess my whole point here is that you should absolutely play who you want to play (i do it myself), but tournament results are generally not indicative of team power. Morrigan/Doom is a fine shell, but a strong player like ChrisG being behind the helm is what makes it so great. tournaments pit two players against each other, not their individual teams.


Sorry, I’m made a mistake- where I said " The only limitations to your team in the end will be done to your level of skill, above all else", which makes no grammatical sense ¬_¬ , I meant to say the only limitations to your team will be due to your level of skill… I was basically trying to say what you said in your first paragraph (it was late, and I actually edited what I originally wrote and still managed to be incoherent lol).

Another thing is that I said Zero May Cry has actually been called the best team in the game (by Viscant, and I’ve seen others say it in threads here, though I didn’t mention this in my post), not *one of *the best. I could create another discourse about that, but to spare you haha what I was really trying to get at from my post is that a players level of skill could transcend any barriers that their team may have, and could make even the most unorthodox team viable.


Synergy is a very important part of Marvel 3, you can’t just discount it; that said, I agree that players shouldn’t be slaves to conventional wisdom, and should look to find synergy in characters and teams that are not standard or common, as it can be an advantage in competitive play.


My 2 cents or penny should i say

I just realize everybody playing this game is not thinking including me (although at the moment I am not playing the game) there is you so much variety and we are all limiting our self by focusing on vergil, zero, wesker, morrigan a lot of unorthodox team will rise soon.

I need to see teams like:

Ironman/Strange/Morrigan (looking to learn this team can play iron man)
Spencer/Strange (bolt of ballsack)/Ironfist (wallbounce help strange so well and create space)
Ghostrider (F zero)(snap in redhealth assist)/Dante(jam session)/Vergil (rapid slash)
Team Airtola (Hulk/Task/Hsien Ko)
Zero/Deadpool/Magneto (quick work assist to hyper grab air is dirty)
Skrull/Sent should be a must lol

Got a lot more team ideas will stop here.
At the end or 10 years time it will boil down to unique teams and character RIP frauds


On Chapter 2, I thought the terms were Point-Mid-Anchor? Are they interchangeable?

Personally in KOFXIII I have the Point build meter, the Mid use some meter, and the Anchor use most of the meter. I know it’s a totally different game, but the meter management mechanic is relevant for both games.


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