How do you make arrows?

How do you make the arrow stick directions? Like forward, back, up, down, db?

I didn’t know where else to ask this.




And where would I put that, just anywhere in the quick reply, or would I ahve to go into advanced?

*edit: let me check


Ok I GOT IT. thanks.

:360: :hp:

Click go advanced. Then you’ll see a bunch of smilies on the right hand side. Click more underneath it and then scroll to the bottom of the window that pops up. That way you don’t have to constantly copy paste that other stuff.

Thanks, I just found out thanks to this thread.

Bangaaqueen, please tell me you didnt upload your high school photo as your avatar. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that that is a joke. Right?

But of course, I just got this from another website. I wish that was me though…


Never knew that. Thanks!

:dp: :360::u: :d: :p: ha ha scrub ultimate combo

thanks though i didn’t know that



Sorry, just testing :slight_smile: