How do you make good backgrounds?


So I’ve been needing to redo the art on several sticks, and while I can lay out what I want, I always draw a blank on coming up with backgrounds. Here’s a couple of templates I’ve been working on.

I was hoping to go for a mostly blue with white pattened background for this one. with designs similar to what you’d see in the background of the stage select
For this one I’d like to know how the make a nice mechanical gear looking background.

If anyone could put together fitting backgrounds for those I’d be appreciative. More so though, if you could link me to some good photoshop tutorials on back ground composition that would be immensely helpful.


The mechanical gear is Tager’s symbol…same goes for noel.


Sorry for the confusion I seem to have caused. I know what the symbols are. I put them in the templates. What I’m talking about is creating actual backgrounds for everything other than just a flat color. I need to come up with something that meshes with the characters and Drive symbols and everything. Something beyond just using the Gradient tool on the lowest layer.


I’d just find a high res pic of some internal gears of sorts, then lay a layer of colors ontop. The black+clear gradient preset actually makes some cool effects with different blend modes.

You can do a lot with the filters combined though:
Clouds+Radial Blur
Mosaic+Median+Find Lines
Noise+Motion Blur
Dozen Lens Flare+Find Lines
Vector Art is always popular too.

The hard part is actually putting it behind your character, gotta cut them out with the pen tool… and that takes forever @__@.


I usually have flat background just to match the case of the stick. Nothing to flashy but it works with me. - Rin

My old noel and chun.


Well here’s what I’ve managed to do with the Tager template. I’m not entirely happy with it though.