How do you make your avatar unique on the main site news comments?


On the main site of SRK where the news is posted, how does one get their avatar to be unique? Customization works all fine and dandy here in the forums, but I can’t get results on the home pages. Evidently from all the generic avatars, most of everyone else can’t either.

For example, in this recent Dark Phoenix thread, currently there are 114 comments and only 4 users that left comments have unique avatars. Everyone else has the generic circles of color:

Is there a setting everyone is missing? A status that must be obtained?


^This. I really wanna know too, I’m tired of looking at that colored mess.

Saikyo Mantis, sorry if you came in here expecting an answer :x


a quick check on the image info of someone who has changed their avatar shows that the url for it is at gravatar

my money’s on that you must have a gravatar bound to your srk account and then it will show up in article comments


Thank you both for the replies!
Following Sleazoid’s Gravatar suggestion, I have found… success! Sleazoid solved it**.** Check out this page, I’m commenter #14 arguing about Eddy Gordo teaser:

So there you have it folks, confirmed: ****
You need to have a Gravatar to have a unique avatar in the article comments.

With the two avatar options, why the Gravatar works for both forum and article while the “upload avatar” option only works for forums… that may be a bug… :wonder: