How do you make your own arcade joystick


I’m thinking about making my own joystick or buying a cheap one and modding it. Which one would be cheaper to do? What tools would i need to make or mod a joystick. I’m also new to this site, looks cool :wgrin:.


??? Check out this link u will have all info


There’s a ridonkulous amount of information in this section. Just read through some of the stickies, or search up for what you’re looking for.

Also, you should be more specific. You want a stick for 360/PS3/PS2/etc…?


Oh i’m wanting a joystick to play sf3 on an emulator on my pc.


Moddings usually cheaper if your going with fs3 as I have seen some for as low as twenty bucks. Really the question is what would you be happier with at the end of the day? If you are wanting a nice small stick that gets ya on GGPO then customizing a fs3 might be your best bet. If you are wanting something more personalized and have the time then build a custom or buy a case and go from there. I have both a modded fs3 and my own customs and can say that I am satisfied with all of them for what I need them for.

–and shame on you for not looking around first :stuck_out_tongue: lol this sites like the Bible for stickbuilding lol…


It’s almost always cheaper to mod than to build one. Unless you just so happen to have the tools needed to make a good wooden case. If you want a stick with all Sanwa parts then buying a used 360 or PS3 Madcatz Street Fighter 4 TE stick would be your best bet. Most decent, easy to mod cases are 40-50$. Sanwa parts are 40-50$ for buttons and joystick. A PCB would be another 20. You’ll also need a solder gun (10$), solder and wire (10$), quick disconnects (3$), a crimper (5$), and maybe more depending on what you’re doing. And don’t forget the cost of labor on your part.

You can easily get a TE for 110 to 120 dollars, so it’s probably going to be your best bet.


OK thanks Souji5, but i found some topics about modding fs3 and it needs a lot of tools to mod.


I believe to mod a FS3 it’d be much more expensive than just buying a TE. On top of all the tools I listed you’ll need to get a dremel (50$ minimum). It’s a very difficult mod if I remember correctly, and in order to fit in a JLF you need to have a big hole in the bottom of the stick or have it bumped out a centimeter or so.


Oh so i guess im not gonna get fs3 then. I will do a little searching to see if i can find an easier one to mod.


To modd any cases or stick they never easy or cheap.


Oddly the most expensive up front is the cheapest.

I reccomend the Hori RAP SA, since the TE has reports of faulty PCBs on occasion


rtd, I’ve gotten many TEs and SEs and never had a problem. Many others here have too. There’s probably like a 1% fault rate. So base it on cost and size preference, not on something like a few rare cases of error.


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