How Do you manage time?

Hey guys, So for this year I really want to be at tournaments. Now, I have 5 games I want to do my best at. Sc5, Ssf4:ae, Umvc3, Mk 9, and Kof 13. How can I manage my time to get enough practice into all these games? Or should I drop some and take one or two serious? Would I have to become a coach potato again? =( or should I go to Next level arcade instead or studying the games at home?

I look forward to hear from you guys and how you manage time and what you would do this situation.

Stick with one game…2 at most.
Go to your local scene…you can learn a lot more interacting with other players than sitting at home.

That’s a LOT of games that you’re trying to play there. While you can do that, there’s no way that you’re going to be doing well at any of those games, if you plan on splitting your time between 5 games. You’re best off focusing on one or two games max. Since you’re just starting to go to tournaments, I say focus on one game if you want to see good results in the shortest amount of time. The tournament environment is VERY different from online, or playing casually at your buddy’s house. You definitely want to go to as many tournaments as possible, both big and small, to gain some valuable experience being in that environment, as well as getting the opportunity to meet up with locals that will help you improve your game. Don’t be a couch potato, head out to your local scene and arcade, and get some good match experience against high level players.

Oh and realize that at your first tournament, there is a very real possibility of going 2 and out. Don’t be discouraged by this, take it as a learning experience, and try to learn as much as you can at the tournaments. That means meeting up with people and playing as many casual games as you can.

I would choose to just pick 1 or 2 . Pick the ones you know how to play and remember all the combos by heart . Also as the guy above me mentioned go around to local tourneys and see how people play and takes some mental notes and ask around for tips,tricks,sparring matches so you can step up your game . Practice offline and online .

hyperbolic time chambers

be prepared to have no life 24/7

Sacrifice social, sexual, spiritual, finacial, acedemic, and personal obligations for the game. Youll get better at it I promise.

Learn a game, get good at it, then its hard to get (really) bad at it.

Like anything.

Trying to get to a high level in 5 games concurrently is going to be rough if not nigh impossible. Like people have said you need to select and focus on one at a time and practice until you have established your knowledge base, fundamentals, and all around solid play with that character. Once you have your setups, neutral game, and matchups down you won’t really forget them so you can move on to a different game when you aren’t practicing with live opponents.

Step 1. Clone Justin Wong, Chris G, and Tokido’s DNA and genetically engineer a super fighter using your body.
Step 2. Go body everyone else in every game.

Just go to level up if you are in NYC.

Playing vs high level players is the fastest way to level up.

Drop 3 games maybe 4. You are setting your self up for failure with 5.

Play alot online when you can’t play offline just keep playing.

Do you Want to be able to be a top east coast player in a game because that’s going to be a lot of work if you are just starting now. Most likely a couple of years going to events regularly and working on your game.