How do YOU mash out of of "Dizzy Stun"?

Thread title says it all. How do YOU mash out of “dizzy stun”? It varies on the game, mostly.

Button mashing tends toss out a random move. Stick flailing random also has that effect. If on stick, i rock the it back and forth without touching buttons. On pad, i mash everything.

On SF3, though, i just walk away…

Mashing out a jab shoryuken maybe help.

:ub::df: repeatedly while pianoing the punch keys.

360 clockwise quickly + punches. It helps getting random Gigas Breaker/Raging Storms in 3S/CvS2 when stun ends, specially with Geese, who has a quick dizzy recovery.

I wave my right hand across the button layout while I violently shake the joystick left to right.

9637 while mashing buttons

Yeah, this seems to be popular, works really good in kof 94. Every game has different duration of staggers, for capcom type I do 3 full rotation real fast while mashing on keys.

Assuming a stick: I rapidly, repeatedly hit left and right, while vibrating my hand on top of all 6 buttons. Right before an attack hits me, I hold back to block if I broke free, or I’ll time a reversal attack. If I didn’t get out in time I get hit; if I did, I’d get block/reversal.

I could almost always get out of Hypergrav xx Tempest combos back in the day.

I just mash the buttons to speed up the recovery animation.

clack the wood n swipe all button w/ my palm

does hitting PPP or KKK buttons help (if you have them?) Im talking about SFIV specifically.

I just go back and forth on the joystick and drum across all the buttons hitting a p and k with each finger. I have a TE so I have the triple buttons on the end and was wondering if theyd come in handy that way.

I just straight up mash everything.

Same here + short with my thumb

If I’m playing on a pad, I just rock the pad back and forth and press all the face and shoulder buttons repeatedly at the same time.

Stick, I do 360s and mash all the buttons.

I don’t mash. I give up the round. Getting dizzy stunned in Guilty Gear means that I’m eating an Instant Kill so I have to grab a napkin, wipe my mouth, and tell my opponent “Thank you for the meal.”

I wax on and wax off, simultaneously and 10x faster.

Mash and pray!:looney::wtf::pray:

Though I’ve heard the proper way to mash outta hyper grav-tempest is to wiggle the joystick left and right and piano the buttons.

-EX :cool:

Pretty cool strat I put together.
This is usually how I get out of dizzy:


And thats all there is to it!

Coincidentally, that’s also the motion for like half the supers in Fatal Fury 3.