How do you mash


out of stun?

so fast @ 2:50

Share the secrets.


Personally, I rotate the stick clockwise and slide 我的 nails across the top of the buttons without lifting my right hand.


on an actual cab you can slide your hand around really easy.

but with just a stick in your lap or on a desk it’s kind of hard to do that. i drum my fingers and spin the stick as best i can.
the amount of stun is variable though. so you don’t actually know exactly how fast someone is getting out of stun.

like in your example. yun didnt move fast or anything. when you see someone moving like crazy fast that’s someone who is a mash fiend. i think in this case yun just got lucky with low stun amount.


I’ve been told that it’s best if you mash the diagonals+buttons cause diagonals count as two/three inputs or something.


I remember being told that the duration of stun depends on the move used to cause stun. Like, if the move was a jab, then the stun animation lasts for less than than if the stun move was a super, per se.


that is true.
within that there is a spectrum though. so in your example lets say you stun with a jab. stun time will be like some value between 10 - 15. if you had stunned with a super it’d be like 15-30 or something. i’m just using numbers to illustrate, they don’t have any specific meaning here.

so some stuff, i think supers, have a higher potential and average stun length. but there is still variation. it’s weird. i’ve had instances where stun seems much longer than normal from the same stuff. so i’m pretty confident there is some random factor in there. @ESN might know for sure (teehee).


Remy, forever doomed to “Grim Reapers” ?!!

But that was always against Makoto and SA2 + Fukiage enders.


I also read somewhere about diagonal inputs being read more than x and y. I think it was for SF2 though I don’t have reason to believe it would be diff for 3.

When I mash out I do the clockwise and make sure I’m hitting the diagonals:cool:


first page of the system mechanics thread (i knew i saw something somewhere)

Normal move - 90 or 110 or 130 or 150 frames
Normal throw - 120 or 140 or 160 or 180 frames
Special hit - 150 or 170 or 190 or 210 frames
Special throw - 120 or 160 or 200 or 240 frames
Super hit - 120 or 160 or 200 or 240 frames
Super throw - 150 or 190 or 230 or 270 frames


yo i seen Tenren12 do it vs you…ask him…lol


I never properly checked for stun, but, just like denjin charge, i’m pretty sure opposite diagonals are the best way, ie. uf, db, uf, db, etc or any other opposite combination.
Add some P buttons mashing too, but it doesn’t make a huge difference.
But, this is theorical. I still myself have best results with fast rotation, as it’s still better to get +2 to counter every 2 frames than +3 every 5 or + frames due to execution issues. (numbers here are totally fantasy, but you got the idea)

And, afaik, yes, randomness is involded in calculation of final stun value, like SF2 or ST.
Didn’t remember about the last hit though, good shit.

edit: this is the fastest i can get to charge denjin:


This video gives a pretty nice way of doing it