How do you mod a hrap ex with a LS32 seimitsu joystick?


Is it possible to mod a hrap ex with a LS32? If so can someone give me steps of how to do it? Because the stock joystick doesn’t feel like the one in the te fightstick even though they are the same stick. So I want to try using a LS32 can someone provide a picture of how the inside of the hrap ex looks like? And tell me how to solder.


Yes, just remember that you need the LS-32 and NOT the LS-32-01, since the stick inside the HRAP EX doesn’t have a PCB. The only retailer I know of that carries this model is Akihabarashop. There’s a pic of the insides of the HRAP EX-SE (which already has the LS-32 installed) which should give you an idea of how it connects:


Lizardlick has them too if you don’t mind waiting.


I realize this is a late post, but I did this a couple of weeks ago and didn’t see an explanation with this much detail. It’s pretty easy.

First, you don’t need to solder.

You will need a phillips screwdriver (#2, I think, will work just fine), a 7mm hex nut driver, a flathead screwdriver (for the ball tops), a wire stripper/crimper/pliers (I used craftsman part # 82563), and solderless quick disconnects (size: .187).

  1. label (up, down, left, right) and then cut the cables that are soldered onto the switches near the base (the switches point in the direction to which they correspond)
  2. remove the ball top, plastic stick cover, and dust washer
  3. unmount and remove the JLF and second dust washer
  4. strip the wires (I used a 20 or 22 gauge stripper) so that about an inch or so is exposed
  5. crimp the quick disconnects onto the exposed wires (if there is any play b/t the wire and qd, the connection will not consistently work - I recommend buying several extra qd’s and perhaps crimping multiple times when necessary to ensure good contact)
  6. mount the SS mounting plate to eliminate any spacing problems (the -- shape of the SS plate should fit into the -- shape of the mount on the metal panel–it will be tight, but it will fit and if you don’t do this, your stick will not be the proper height)
  7. mount the LS-32
  8. attach the qd’s to the LS-32 switches
  9. replace the old dust washer and ball top w/ the new ones (no shaft cover and only 1 dust washer included)

Note that you will have to bend the top qd’s to be able to close the case. It’s easiest w/ pliers. That’s it.

#5 sells them too, no wait either


Is this only for the EX?
The only other HRAPs that I know that accept the seimitsu are the original hrap 1s and the SE versions


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hrap 1 type a, hrap 2, Ex, hrap sa/se editions.
But you can fit an ls32 into any hrap style case. Just takes some skill