How do you mount the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition sticks to a desk?


I asked this in the Official thread, but that seems to have devolved into complaining about not getting your stick until march and discussing ebay auctions.

Can anyone help me out?

Where can I find more information about mounting the TE sticks to another object? It was mentioned several times that you could mount it to a desk or some other surface, probably in the OP. It’s definitely mentioned here:

I can’t get the 4 screws that hold the rubber feet on out of the bottom. They are tough to get going but once I got them loosened up they just spin and spin. I have 2 sticks and have tried on both sticks. I think it was eluded to that these are the screws that you remove to mount the sticks without voiding your warranty, but nothing seems to get them out. I could probably get the screws out of I opened the top, but I’d like to avoid that.

Has anyone got any more information about mounting them?



Thanks for the advice, and I’ll probably try that (and post my results) if I don’t get an answer today.

Anyone manage to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?


Non permanent mounts (probably won’t void warranty):

  1. Suction cups. If you can mount suction cups to the bottom of the stick, you should be able to stick it fast to MANY surfaces.

  2. Velcro. This option might be a tad ghetto…but it has some potential I suppose.

  3. Strong magnets: If you have a metal coffee table like I do…affixing a few Rare Earth magnets to the bottom of your stick will do the trick. Be super careful with these though…they are strong enough to pull a metal object across a living room table with the quickness.

If you don’t mind voiding your warranty:

Best bet is probably to fix bolts to the bottom plate of the stick with HUGE washers to distribute the forces out to a larger area (to avoid bending or breaking the bottom plate). You would thread a small nut to the very bottom of the bolt after its installed in the bottom plate, to hold the bolt fast to the bottom plate.

Then, with the bolts held fast to the stick, drill holes in your coffee table and use threaded wingnuts on the underside of your table.

Personally…for all that work I would rather rip out the guts and do this:


Nope trying again tonight, might just end up taking the thing apart as I don’t like the feel of sanwa joysticks. Might as well mount it and put a semitsu in while I am at it.


I have no problem with that, except this was a TOUTED feature:

I have a sit-down style arcade cabinet that I made out of MDF. I want to screw these sticks to the cabinet as my control panel.


Hmmmm…Yeah…if they were advertising this as a FEATURE…then I would expect the owner’s manual to talk about the mounting options.

This seems to be one of the many issues in the cluster f**k that we know as the MadCatz TE stick.

I’m NOT knocking your choice…like everyone else you were promised greatness and the reality has (for many people) been anything but great.

My opinion is if your stick works now…play on it for a while and if nothing breaks, say “screw the warranty” and open it up. If nothing breaks in the first month of playing, my guess is that it will last until the warranty is up, which means your warranty is useless.

Its pretty crazy to advertise the ability to mount the thing as a feature…but then ship it in a way that you have to void the warranty to use that feature.

I wonder if the same people who thought of this “feature” were the same people who decided to put a Launch Control feature on the Nissan GTR that if used 10 times, voids your entire drivetrain warranty (and that is a $20,000 transmission).


I use that double sided thick sticky foam tape. I don’t know what it’s called though, but I hope you guys get the idea


You got it exactly right…double sided foam tape is the correct term for that stuff.

That stuff is awesome but holy hell…the 3M stuff is almost too strong…if you want to remove it later its a total PITA.


my table is black, so i used a 6"x2" strip of tenacious black velcro.
if you want to bolt it down using the “feature” that mad catz advertised, you would need to unscrew all four rubber feet from under the panel and use those existing holes as a pass-through for your screws/bolts from inside the TE, out and drilled down to your base (table, arcade panel, etc.)

This is my visual assumption from how I would do it on my TE, but I haven’t done it at all.
These are just suggestions for anyone needing ideas.


Wait, you were supposed to be able to mount the stick to a desk? That does not sound right at all.


I’m gonna put my shit on my ceiling like a fuckin’ astronaut!




I think he said he read that and asked there already.


Took me awhile to think how to mount this two bitches.


from what i have seen if i saw it correctly, while i had opened my stick, there are nuts on the other side was smothered on by their infamous red glue. it appears that the glue is holding the nut, hence no kind of welded bracket. this may be your problem, i dont know. but it doesnt make sense to glue on nuts and call it mountable. it should have been built onto the plate i.e. welded onto the plate


well if thats the case then madcatz has half assed their job yet again but there alternative ways to fix that besides welding


Well, I took the “bait” and cracked them open to see exactly what psychedelicbeat mentioned - red goo:

So, here’s a write up of my entire process:

  1. Removed goo and got the bolts out using a 10mm socket and large screw driver:

  1. Bought some hardware from Home Depot:

1 bag of 1/4" Locking Washers
2 bags of #12-24 x 1-1/2" Rounded Head Slotted bolts (and nuts)
4 bags of #14 Flat Speed Nuts

1-1/4" would be a better length for the bolts (through 3/4" material), but they didn’t have them at my Home Depot.

  1. Flatten the #14 Flat Speed Nuts using channel locks so they take up less space and grip the bolts better:

  1. Put the bolts through the top (inside) of the plate so they will be facing out when the stick is reassembled. The Flat Speed Nuts should go on the bottom (outside) of the plate:

  1. Reassemble the stick:

  1. Put the bolts through your surface:

  1. And put the lock washers over the bolts and then the nuts:

  1. Play some Street Fighter:

You can click through the photos to my Flickr page where you can see a few more.

Hope that helps anyone else,


wow that cabinet is probably my favorite i have ever seen to be honest. looks very comfortable and just looks bad ass in general. what type of tv is that? size, etc? does it lag on sf iv? thanks for any info.


Here’s pics of the whole process: Flickr Gallery

It’s a Sony BRAVIA 32", KDL-32XBR4. It’s a 720p TV, and I believe it runs 120hz. It’s actually really good for games, and if it lags I don’t notice it. I have a 46" 1080p BRAVIA in my living room, but it’s kind of cheap and has really bad motion blurring. It all depends on how much you spend I guess.


That is a cool setup…but doesn’t it put your head like 2’ from the TV?

(((Still though, its very cool)))