How do you overcome frustration and remain calm?


I find myself losing bad once I’m frustrated and do MUCH better while I’m calm which results in playing with confidence, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. This will often lead to you losing to people you KNOW you shouldn’t be losing to which will make you even more frustrated lol, of course a loss is a loss which is why I need to learn how to overcome it properly, nothing will prove you’re a better player except that win.

It’s not necessarily a lack of knowledge kind of thing, I’m a training mode junkie who likes to figure counters for whatever I have trouble with, I’m mostly talking about things that are kinda like pet peeves to you and get under your skin, e.g in my case I absolutely despise someone who keeps neutral jumping, really gets on my nerves even though I am aware that if he threw out a normal in the air I can trip guard punish him, but like I said it’s the frustration part that gets to me, another example would be someone going for very obvious throw attempts after another repeatedly, like a throw after every blocked and this kinda thing obviously has several counters like reversals.

So I’m mostly looking for advice about how do you guys keep a certain mentality so you don’t get easily frustrated, any help would be appreciated. I strictly only play AE even though this question is more of a general one.


A good way is to take a break for a bit. Playing while annoyed or frustrated is only going to make it worse.


What exactly is it that gets under your skin about neutral jumping?


Whatever they’re doing that’s annoying you, do it back to them. Is this online-specific, offline-specific, or just in general?


Take a few days off and don’t think about the game at all. When I do this it helps keep the fact that it’s just a game in perspective and I always come back with a clearer head.


Don’t play online.
Don’t give a shit
Best ways to remain calm.


I guess it’s because I like to focus on the ground game to actually attempt playing footsies? Not sure exactly, just annoys the hell out of me when someone does it a lot.

This isn’t specific to online btw, I only play when the connection is great anyway so this isn’t related to lag tactics.

I don’t think taking a break from the game for a while will have any effect, it’s not like I’m on a losing streak or anything like that lol, I just felt like the main reason I lose matches is due to not remaining calm so I wondered how other players dealt with such things so maybe I could improve that mental aspect of my game.

BTW I’m not a newbie at this game, been playing it since Vanilla SF4, just felt this section was the most appropriate to ask the question unless this sub-forum is exclusively for newbies … !


I laugh repeatedly while punishing them.


There were two things it might have been and your original post wasn’t too clear on which one it was; unfortunately now that it is more clear the answer is suck it up. Its the thing you don’t like, which means this isn’t a technical issue its just the thing that gets under your skin. Learn to deal with it.

I used to have problems against turtling for a long time, it wasn’t that I thought it was cheap, it was just that there was always something pulling me to move forward, even when I tried to play back I didn’t really work because people who played me a lot knew that i would eventually break and come in. Its just self control plain and simple, especially if the person you are playing against knows that it gets to you.

Don’t get frustrated that someone is taking away your chance to do what you wanted to do or focus on, that’s what fighting games are, its a back and forth with each of you trying to put the other into situations that they don’t want to deal with or be in. Its as much about getting into your opponent’s head as it is about using combos; and its as much keeping your head level as about proper blocking.

This isn’t really one of those forum fixes, find someone who does the things that annoys you and keep playing them until it either doesn’t bother you anymore or until you can control the urge to have it affect your gameplay.


the solution? I overcome frustration and remain calm in things beside gaming as well (job, family, friends arguments etc)
problem is that I am too calm sometimes

hence I hate games that want to make you frustrated instead to relax


If you punish the stuff you don’t like them doing I think you’d get 3 things:

  • training them to do it less
  • getting yourself closer to finishing the fight
  • catharsis from hitting them in the face for doing stuff you hate

You’re judging your opponent against some hypothetical game that isn’t being played - you’re playing theory fighter in your head while there’s a real game of streetfighter right in front of you. If the real things things you have to do for the win aren’t something you enjoy then you’ve got a choice to make between perhaps a new char or game. At the very least if you’re making a conscious choice that you value winning over a particular style (or vice versa) then that will still take the edge off this stuff.