How do you parry?

I am not talking about inputs or anything. My friend and I were talking about it today and honestly we have no idea how people parry so much. We can understand if a move takes a long time but there are so many moves that are so fast by the time you see it happening it is to late to parry. It just doesn’t seem like the human reaction time is fast enough to parry much unless you are guessing based on what your opponent has been doing.

Examples please. Footage = bonus points.

i sometimes just do random down,forward taps to parry or guess a parry…
quick d,f,d,f then db to block. but most of the time i guess.:sweat:

Experience. The more and more you play the more you’ll be able to recognize moves you should be parrying. Example, I play Yun. Yun is in the air alot so when I’m playing against any ken they tend to try EX huricane kicks to scare me away from jumping. Thats some beefy damage and puts me right where they want me, On the ground or in a reset. After constant ownage by it I learned to predict it, see it, parry it and punish it. The same goes for any other attack in 3s.

Another example would be playing against a certain character enough to know how he works. Example. Say you play against a certain character alot or play him yourself and you know that specific character lacks a solid mid/high attack. Those C.mks or sweeps then get a hell of alot easier to see coming. Thats not that safe against Ken or chun, but hey thats part of being top tier. Also practice parrying stuff you think might help you in the future. I’ve actually saved my ass a few times in some close matches by red parrying chuns super to avoid being cheesed. The key is not to rely on it too much and overdo it, esspecially when put in a guessing situation. Thats a really, really, REALLY bad habit. I’ve owned quite a few people for thinking they could guess right and parry everything and I’ve also recieved some really bad ass whoopings for it myself.

A lot of it has to do with pattern recognition, and that sort of sixth sense you develop after a while. Like, it’s hard to explain, but I can actually ‘feel’ when someone is going to jump-in on me or something.

A lot of hand to hand parrying is knowing your opponent. I’m sure very few, if any, people can parry on reaction except for maybe slow fierce and roundhouse attacks. Learn to parry projectiles, though. Sometimes players will use several projectiles to chip away at your health.

yes you are right. a lot of it is educated guessing, especially if your opponent has predictable poking patterns.

Yeah, once you’ve been playing so long it is kind of like a sixth sense. You get so used to character match-ups that you pretty much know what’s coming. It just takes a little analysing of the opponent to know when and what he’s going to do.

i usually only parry when theres not much risk involved. like setting up space where only a long range low poke can reach, then tap down.

if they gofor a sweep i get the parry, if not, theres not much else that i have to worry about.

situations like that.

also, i remember reading someonew say something like, ‘treat parry as a button.’ like if you attack in strings try replacing one of the attacks with forward or down tap.

oh hey i never thought of that. good tip.


also remember. people get random parries too. that happens often. people going for a move, the opponent throws out an attack during the start of your motion, and you just happen to get a random parry due to the nature of the attack you were gonna do (like a dp motion, since it starts with forward, or a fb motion since it starts wtih down, for down parry). its like an accidental option select parry. but random nonetheless. happens often

Often it happens indeed. When I throw, unless I have to backwards throw, I always tap forward first, that way I’m safe from high attacks plus it counts towards kara/directional input. Sometimes I fluke low parries with crouching attacks too.

A lot of it’s just rythm and expectation. What I don’t get is when there is that freeze time right after the super starts and players will parry entire supers like Chun’s SAII.