How do you perform zangief Final Atomic Buster


Hello I’m new street fighter games in general and I’m trying to perform zangief final atomic buster.

This is motion i make on my controller then i press punch.

When I move my ps3 stick right and then spin the stick 720 degrees zangief jumps and doesn’t perform his final atomic buster.

Can you please give me details on how to perform zangief final atomic buster and move ps3 stick.


you can do it:
after a dash,
whiffed greenhand
a jump
a focus attack.

you want to buffer (do the motions, while hes doing an attack or a jump) before the animation ends.


How do you perform whiffed greenhand.


there’s a few techniques to do it. for instance, some players can rotate the stick so fast that a jump doesn’t register. then there’s the method osiriskidd mentioned, where you do a jab or something then try the 720. there’s a third method where you say fuck it and jump, just do the 720 in the air… but that’s extremely telegraphed, people are extremely suspicious of a Zangief who jumps. gotta get better at rotating, your hands are most likely capable of doing it but you’re just not mentally prepared yet. practice it.

also remember, and this is a very important point especially for people focusing on doing SPDs and final atomic busters and whatnot, you really need to pay attention to how you’re fighting. going around spamming final atomic busters doesn’t mean you’re gonna land them, gotta create situations to get them

edit: by whiffed green hand, I assume osiriskidd means a green hand that closes the distance between you and your opponent but doesn’t connect, leaving you to follow up with SPD immediately


It’s not physically possible to rotate the stick so fast it doesn’t register (unless, I suppose, you can do a rotation and a half + press in 5 frames. It’s bufferable (spin) out of any move that isn’t jump-cancellable immediately, so he doesn’t jump while you’re spinning the stick. That make sense?


What do you mean buffering??

Do i spin the stick 720 while performing a buffering attack and then punch to perform zangief final atomic buster.


This is how you do it.


It is physically possible to do a naked 720; just not many people can do it. For example; look up Tachi Gigas tutorial on youtube for an example of Hugo doing a standing 720 in 3S (which is harder to do than Gief/T.Hawk standing 720 by 1 frame). If you can do a 180 then the following 360 must be done in less than the 6 frame prejump animation to register the required 540 (not 720) for Ultra to register.

Buffering is the act of inputting directional commands during other animations, the problem with 360/720 is that the joystick must input an “up” command for the command grab input, and up commands cause a jump. However, if you input up during another animation (for example, do a standing Hard Kick with Gief and tap up during the animation) and return to neutral or any non-up input the jump will not register. This is important because buffering 270’s (not a full 360 needed) and 540’s (not a 720) can keep Gief on the ground and still able to command grab.

some options include (as mentioned before):
-during a jump
-during a whiffed normal
-during a forward or back dash
-during a taunt
-during hit or block stun
-during low resets (airborne)
-during armor frames (armor cancel)


surprisingly serious answers form the people here


whiffed green hand = the green hand attack (DP+P)… whiff = missed.

Buffing means do the motion while you’re doing something else.

For example, you would do a strong punch, and while Zangief is doing the strong punch, you do the motions. This way you don’t jump.


720 (really a 540) + P

I see you’re using a controller. It’s possible to do, but arguably a lot ore difficult than on a stick.

Try a stick,.


Uhhhh, this might be the only thing in the entire game that is easier on a controller.


I can’t SPD with a controller and I’ve played pad longer than stick.

It’s different for others


Its also scarier since you can’t hear it being churned it out.