How do you pick O. Balrog (boxer)

the code r, r, r, l jab doesn’t work for me.

can i get a awnser and none of that dry srk wit either about how O.balrog sucks

I have the SSF2X board, and I’m also wondering how to get the old characters out, I can’t even get out O.Sagat jab U,D,D,U jab

O. Balrog sucks. And use the search thingy.

Here’s the trick:

It goes by columns. For the first column (Ryu and Ken), select the character with jab and press left-right-left-right really fast, just mash the stick back and forth, all the while tapping jab. Voila! For the next column over (Honda and Chun), select with jab and then press up-down-up-down etc while tapping jab. For the next column (Blanka and Zangief), do the same as the first column. For the column after, do the same thing as the first column. Repeat the sequence for each column after. Don’t worry about what the actual input is supposed to be for each character, like for O Sagat, U,D,D,U, whatever, just mash up and down. You don’t have to bother being precise. Just do what I freakin tell ya.

Nah you dont have to mash on the buttons at all, its just that you have to do it as soon as you pick your character, I was told that you had to wait for the plane to start flying thats why I couldnt do it before.

you dont HAVE to if you know how to do it otherwise, its just that the method ultradavid describes works and doesnt require worrying about timing and which directiobns to hit and such nonsense.

plus mashing sticks and buttons is fun. so therefore… its DA BOMB and you should use it