How do you play 4-player offline on the XBOX 360 with wired joysticks?

…is there no other way besides getting two wired and two wireless joysticks? I’m guessing if I wanted to go corporate, I can just get the Hori Tekken 6 wireless stick?

…or does the XBOX 360 read a USB Hub that can support four wired TE joysticks?

answers would be appreciated.

Usb Hubs work.

USB hub…

Dunno about you but my xbox has 3 usb ports… New ones have 5 but yes a USB hub would do what you’re after.

GREAT! :smiley:

For the newer 360s with more ports, do the back ports work for controllers? Also can anyone recommend a hub that doesn’t have any lag?

Get a Dreamcast or N64 instead!

uhm…I guess I have the black xbox…never bothered checking the back, after the other cables were put in, lol. thx!