How do you play offensively with this guy

Whenever I try I get owned because of his low health, whhy play offensively when you can just turtle with him with his fireballs and teleport?

What the…is this a joke?
Runaway akuma is actually very hard to do, in higher level play people are bound to get underneath your air fireballs, and you simply do not have the sagat-tier life to tank/trade hits. You will take more damage then you are dishing out. Teleporting may work during lag or against mediocre players, but once people catch onto your turtling tricks they either anticipate the teleport to set up a huge combo or just option select you.

Most akumas use their superior fireball power for knockdown purposes or to force people into a tactically bad position. If you want to learn how 2 go on the offense after that, just read the stickied threads.

lol…its too easy to double post

You’re just not good enough, plain simple.
Of cause, play turtle if you can win the match, also simple.

As said, read threads :yawn:

Learn the spacing on your dive kicks and practice your throw set ups. I am guessing 70% of the damage you take starts when you are in the air. Learn when the dive kick is safe, learn when your tatsu is safe, and learn where your pokes are safe. Attacking outside of these scenarios us generally unwise and will lead to your eating shit.

if you do that trades aren’t in your favor. almost anything is stronger than a stand alone air fireball. air fireballs are good for limiting your opponent’s options, pressure, and to start combos. if you do it a lot on wake-up they’ll start OSing your teleport and catching your teleport.

My 2cents because I can relate to where you are coming from. An offensive Akuma boils down to execution and knowing all the proper footsie and flip options. You (any1) is not going to learn this overnight so dont fret it. But to start Id highly reccommend mastering all the demon flip options like palm, dive kick , and slide. (Slide is unsafe and rarely used.) But know their range and use it on knockdowns as pressure and mixups. Also know and use the lk-mk-hk tatsu crossups too. These bare essentials increased my offensive dramatically and I only teleport and zone strategically or as escape while cornered or pressured. Well hope that helps. Oh, this will also bait shoryu and other spams for punish too in my experiences.
Forgot, the flip grab is a m st also to pressure and mixups plus knock downs vortex etc.

Sorry, double post so adding. Demon setups are good too when you need an ultra /super in tight matches or to finish. Now only if my resets and 3lp - tatsu would just combo Id be more rushdown :).

Because eventually you’ll get tired of being terrible.