How do you play quick in fighting games?

Do you just make the fastest/smartest decision at the time with confidence or do you just have to react really quick at every moment? What do most high level players do?

i wouldnt consider myself to be a high level player but heres my 2 cents/ general approach to matches

once youve got your main and are really familiar with the application and ranges of their normals and specials, what you are going to want to do is study your opponents actions and start to learn “their game”. do they like to pressure, are they likely to hit a button on your wake up, their wakeup, do they abuse some gimik or combo. once you start to get in their head your ability to predict what they will do will go from a long list with several inpractical options to a short list of generally good ideas for their character allong with traits that youve noticed they tend to do from a certain range or circumstance/setup.

the point is to shorten the list of their most likely actions and be prepared to react with your queued up retaliation. Once youve gotten this far what helps me is to run hypotheticals. For example, X would be their best option because of this reason, this is its weakness so i can look for it and react with this.

The best way to learn to fight this way is to focus on NEVER EVER letting your opponent in the air. if you can maintain your basic offensive and defensive game while at the same time being prepared to interrupt your train of thought to throw out an AA (that hopefully connects) you are on your way to being able to react to your short list of likely actions from your opponent.

the main problems with this battle plan is that its based on punishing your opponent for whatever they do so if you cant mount a basic offense, it will be easy for your opponent to run away if they have the life lead. you have to be able to keep pressure on your opponent to not let them get comfortable and have too much time to think.

hope this helps, luck

Press start


You want to put yourself and your opponent in tough guessing decisions where you have to commit rather than react.

Thanks Mufasa95 and Madden:RobotBMX2K9, that’s a nice way to approach it.

So this is why the beginning of the match should never start with real risky moves unless it can punish something that your opponent threw out that was risky. So you would need to throw out safe moves that can put your opponent in a situation where they can make a certain mistake that you can look for which can help you react and punish more quicker. I think I understand more and have an idea to ponder on.

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I don’t think you should force yourself into playing at a pace you don’t naturally play at. Pacing is pretty important, and artificially playing at a fast speed will probably have the side affect of you making shitty decisions.

easy, play mahvel. Then playing sf4 is like playing who can grow grass faster.

You play for like 500 hours to gain experience and sometimes and half of the things are done without thinking. Doing things on reaction bypasses thinking. By trial and error, you mind will filter eventually sort out what actions are stupid shit and you stop doing them and you practice doing good shit. Read up on your character what is the good shit for what and try it out.

If i’m Ryu and someone jumps at me, I don’t conciously think in my brain, “Oh they are jumping at me. Lets see, if i press forward, down, DownForward and punch it will knock them out the air”

Nope my eye sees an unsafe jump in. My brain bypasses my thinking, and just sends “SHORYUKEN!!!” straight to my hands.

That is that Bruce Lee, mind and body are one type shit.

usually high ranked players land alot of counter hits then start deadly combos once your afraid to move