How do you play your games?

Hello everyone this is my first post, so sorry if this has been posted numerous times before.

How do you all play your games, or prefer I should say? I know most people would probably prefer the arcade over the console, but with custom sticks, which I hope to build myself very soon, and console’s being so damn nice now, plus online, would you guys still rather play at an arcade or just play it on mame or a console.

Also does anyone here collect cabs, or PCBs to play in cabs? I got a few CPS2 games and a Naomi system, still trying to get MvC2 for it.


hello there!

I like to spit on it

on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.


I play online AT the arcade


After its already down, or right in its face?

With my shirt off!

While furiously masturbating and breathing heavily.


With my hands of course… :rolleyes:

Shit, didnt realize I posted this in the wrong section. My bad guys, well this thread officially sucks balls anyways so let’s let it die a nice quick death.

Home. Cause Chinatown Fair only has American 3s sticks ;[


I can’t play with a stick, so I stick to “custom” pads, ya dig? I know I sound like a bonafide scrub, but who’s judging?

On a stick.

Encrusted w/ diamonds.

Cuz I’m balla, son. adjusts monocle

arcade for life

I play mostly on console with other friends because there isn’t a good arcade down here, but when I play arcade I got to FFA.

I play my games with a little sun hat that most chinese rice pickers wear and I say ‘HAY YOU GOWING DOW’ and that is how I win most of my ST matches, the ones I lose are the ones without my little sun hat, in which I lose a lot.