How do you play your Juri

Hey i was just wondering how everyone plays there Juri. I know i dont use her fireballs to her full potentials just cause i get punished using them with jump ins quite annyoing so i stopped using them going to start taking advantage of her fireballs more so lead to bigger dmg combos and more pressure. But normally i like to wait for Jump ins then Punish with Cr.HP or Cr.MP (Seems to punish and never trade with dudley jump ins when timed correctly i might be wrong but i never traded with dudley let besides when i do it to late but thats my fault) and i do alot of cross overs to Cr.HP to pinwheel again instead of using fireball for more pressure i tend to go for pinwheel for the extra damage cant be helped i just love the extra dmg tends to help me alot more winning games but thats maybe because i dont know how to utilize her fireball game yet. I also us U2 i dont like the idea of chasing someone down to land a move.

Umm… I’m not the BEST Juri out there… but I can tell you that I’m not very good with FSE… so I mainly stick to U2. Dive kicks are a big part of my game… but depends on who I’m facing. I try to start the fireball game at the beginning of the round (or an immediate dive kick), but when they get to close I just try to keep them at mid to long distance. I don’t know a lot of combos… so yeah… I do try to do the EX dive kick into U2, but some of the better players can block that. Recently… since dive kicks are a bit part of my game… I sometimes do some random jumps to keep them guessing (but this is probably a bad idea). Uh… if they’re very aggressive like most of the akumas I have faced so far… I usually keep blocking and find a way to punish… but my punish comboes aren’t that great either. I try not to use any jump ins besides dive kicks though… and I lessen the dive kicks depending on the player and character.

I like to play in a generally aggressive style, sometimes going all out on my opponent. Teleports are an important part of my game, especially if I’m stuck in a corner, though if I’m fighting a Honda, I wouldn’t normally use them as his flying head butt is armour breaking. Ex moves, practically the pinwheel and fireballs, are the biggest parts of my game and I rarely let the Super meter fill entirely as a whiffed super is bad news.

I also like to use her pokes a lot and slowly wear the enemy down. As for her ultras, I used to use U2 almost exclusively but I’ve found its too easy to accidentally activate when I wanted an Ex fireball and vice versa. ( I use a fightpad but I’m slowly moving away from depending on binding for my Ex moves ) Also, it has a bad tendency to completely miss the target, even though they were jumping right into the bloody thing as I activated it! So, I’m currently learning how to make the most of her U1.

Still got a lot to learn, though but I’m slowly getting there.

First. I do NOT like U2. Its use for punishing and very situational. I could play 5 matches and never get the chance. The problem is, i can set the damn thing up a lot off a lvl2 ex focus attack off a fuhajin release. It gets scaled to hell and requires 2 bars. Not bad…but I could hit this maybe every 3 matches? Again, not bad…but not great.

Ultra 1 is a guarentee as long as I get a KD.

How do I play? I’ve looked over about 30 of my matches. I’ve gotten a lot better since my last recording session. I think this shows where I’m at right now.


I play my Juri using alot fireballs and pokes. I tend to keep them a close-ish distance or very far back to store fireballs and stuff, but I realised that mid-range is probably alot better. I used to use alot of divekicks and pinwheels, but as I started to play better people, they usually punished it…and pretty badly. I use U2 only because I suck with FSE like Nectrotic. I can’t consistently land some of trials moves as well, sadly but I’m still practising. And with U2, I only really use it as punishment off of Focus Attacks and J.MP. Again, this is because of execution and me being new to the game so really I ought to and will hit training mode some to get everything down.

I play my Juri very similar to how you played against Ryu, Kail. Though, I don’t really use counter that often and I haven’t quite hacked > > xx senpusha yet. I’m liking your videos, I’m learning quite a bit from you.

How I play Juri varies greatly based on the character I am fighting; I play keepaway if I feel the opponents character has trouble with fireballs and whatnot, I rushdown(somewhat poorly) if they don’t have good options to escape pressure, and play rather crappy footsies in between. Sometimes I wait for the opponent to make a move(which may or may not be a bad thing), especially if I have a life lead(unless it’s more effective to maintain pressure). The ultra I choose varies between matchup. For example, I would never pick U1 vs. Akuma, and I feel U2 is better vs. Cammy and Rufus; U1 is otherwise the definite pick, especially vs. characters who have trouble with pressure. I also have a bad habit of getting a little happy with max distance dive kicks.

With an arcade stick!

i know most people prob know this but for the people who dont after a throw to close the gap instead of dashing you can jump and dive kick to remain the pressure

YouTube - Evil0Unstakabul’s Channel

thats how i play Juri.

I play a mix-up style. I normally use a lot of pokes and anti-air to keep my oponent in my range of attacks but far enough for him to do something.
I use cross-ups sometimes, but that depends a lot of the oponent I’m facing.
When the oponent does something wrong, I usually try a combo to finish with the Ultra 2.
My only problem is that she doesn’t have an actual good overhead (or she doesn’t have one or I don’t know one)

Played with her yesterday for the first time where I was actually trying. I’d FSE is my fav because her links are super easy. love that jump back dive kick gets em almost every time. Also remember kids always store your fb’s they come in handy.

Mix ups, cross ups, fireball block strings, turtle-y, rush down-y. It really depends on the situation.

If I’m up against a Shoto I’m going to go for knock downs and bait the shit out of DP. The usual combo for a whiffed DP is s.lp - - -crmk/mp - any wheel(If you do L.wheel you can reset the combo with another mixup or go for the karathrow. If I throw, I’ll try to rinse and repeat ending the combo early to bait a mashed DP.) If they want to sit back and throw fireballs I’ll try to shikusen on reaction. Crouch under tatsumakis and punish with either F or M punch.

Blanka- Stare at the screen and lose the match.

Guile - get frustrated 80 seconds into each round and rushdown to play catch up and hope for a combo to land that will put me at a life lead while I run down the clock. Other wise it’s like the blanka match up.

Honestly though, I think I play 80% turtle with some rushdown if the enemy puts their character in the corner. Make an exception to that if I’m up against a shoto because I know the match ups so well so I’m in their face the entire time.

How do you do against Cammy ?

I also have problems with Blanka. I find more useful trying to counter his attacks than doding (and failing at doding) it.
Guile I stay close trying to force my opponent to whiff an attack. I use a lot of poking and long range attacks against him.

This used to be me every time I fought Guile until I realised how amazing Juri’s j.HK is against Guile’s Flash Kick. As soon as you’re stuffing every Flash Kick he throws out and start applying pressure afterwards, you’ll start to love it when your opponent picks Guile. :smiley:

I do fine against Cammy. I play them extremely patient and do not jump…ever. Wait for a whiffed cannon spike to punish with jab combos. The reason I never jump against Cammy is if she uses a Fierce Cannon Spike you get hit even jumping away from it. It seems like even if you try to use fireball pressure it’s easily punished because she has so many options to get into your face. RH FB = Cannon Spike MKFB = Cannon Strike LK FB = Cannon Strike/Or her weird Rolly polly slide/throw attack.

I guess my advice for you in this fight is to turtle up and wait for her to make a mistake.

Wait, really? So I can try to fake cross up and stick my foot out there and it beats it clean? That’s madness.

The last Cammy I played against was really good, so turtle up wasn’t really a good option.
The guy knew how to pass the defense and to put a pressure when I was defending.
I used pokes to keep him away, while I waited him to make some kind of mistake. I won two rounds, but still lost the match.

Yep, it’s properly mental - all versions as well, even EX. :smiley:

Apparently the wrong way for some folks out there. Since picking up Juri earlier this week and having fun getting to C rank in ranked, my XBL Rep has apparently accumalated 11% worth of negative player reviews under “Unsporting”.

I haven’t really been doing anything unusual with her. Just playing agressively; keeping the pressure on, keeping people in the corner if they put themselves there, zoning with her fireballs if nessecary, etc.

But I guess I’m supposed to just stand there and take a beating, right?

Yeah, people believe that you are suppoting when you’re taking a beating.
I used fireball to keep a Zangief away from me, the guy disconnected. Probably he was hoping that I would let him grab me ._.

  1. I use MadCatz TE sticks on the ps3 and xbox. 2. I use crossovers,pokes and with graplers I use a lot of fireballs mixed up to keep them away. Depends on what character it is. For shotos,I counter with HP,then dive kick or LP counter to go right under their fireballs.