How do you post your replay video?


hi was wondering how to you post your replay video from xbox360 on to youtube. I got some great video matches from stxt and street fighter third strike


You will need some kind of hardware to record off your 360’s video out, you can probably find more help in the “Tech Talk” forum. There is no “easy” way.


You will need a capture card to record the footage from your console, put it up on your computer, and from there you can upload to youtube.

The easier method would be to simply record your TV using a camcorder or phone w/recording functionality, and post it up on youtube.


Doesn’t 3SOE let you upload replays straight from your console to youtube? Is that only for online Ranked games?

Normally, you need a capture device to get the footage from your console to a computer so you can upload it though.


3SO lets you upload any type of multi-player match onto youtube. Even offline matches.


Although last time I checked, you’re not able to upload them to your own youtube account, but to Capcom’s account, correct?


Correct for xbox,but a very simple solution would be to go ahead and upload them then use a youtube ripper to download your own copy of it. Then just reupload it to your own channel.


A very roundabout way of doing it, but I suppose that works. I don’t get why Capcom doesn’t just let you sign into 3SOE with your own youtube account and upload them in that fashion. Some bizarre design choices made by the developer, alongside false promises (arcade perfect, lol)


On the PS3 version you’re actually able to use your own youtube account. Xbox can’t because of Microsoft policy bullshit as usual.


That’s unfortunate. A very odd choice, considering that it doesn’t even remotely affect their profit margins. Just another method to screw over the consumer I suppose.


But,as far as actually recording your match footage directly goes,there’s several devices you can buy to start off. I started off with the Easycap.
They’re very cheap,but only record in 480i. It’ll require a bit of video converting to turn it into 480p. Otherwise it’s really good for the price. I’ve owned one for over a year now and it’s still working strong.

Not my vid,but it’s a pretty good example of what kind of quality you can get from the Easycap. It’s also capable of streaming with!

As for more high-end devices,there are plenty to choose from and they all depend on if you have a desktop or laptop.


I normally use this. PC/Laptop are not required at all other than video editing when you’re done recording your matches. Just make sure you purchase a laptop hdd, or an external one, as people normally have problem when using a usb flash drive.