How do YOU practice your skills?


Quick Question Here: How do YOU practice your skills on Super Street Fighter IV? I want to know how everyone trains their skills, improves, or learns them? I know one good way is to use training mode and repetitively do the same moves over and over to get it into your head the motions and timing. SO how do you train and/or learn?


Get friend to play a character or do something Im having trouble countering in training mode. So, lets say I dont know how to stop Ragna rushdown in Blazblue as Tager. I cant figure out when its safe to instant block/360 or if its possible to throw out a poke at any time during his mixup. I get him to rush me down in training nonstop and see what I can do. First Id start with set moves so I know whats coming, say the very first 2 or 3 moves and then have him do more and more.

If no friends around, I can record the blockstring and work on it that way with playbacks. But thats generally how I go about it training outside of doing combos.


play an opponent who’s skill level is above your own.


I play a bit in training mode, just messing around or trying something that I learned about the day before. Then, I go to trial mode practice the trial that I’m up to with Ryu. After I wear myself out doing that, I go back to training mode and practice the trial there and anything else that I feel like brushing up on before I just play around for the sake of fun. Finally, I turn off the console and come to SRK and read whatever I feel like in the Ryu and Viper sub-forums, since learning new skills is as important as practicing them.

Of course, this doesn’t leave much room for playing against other people, but it does alot for learning about the game and improving execution, which I want to build before I enter that realm.