How Do You Practice?

Hi SRK, been lurking for awhile, and here goes my first post!

I recently picked up SSF4, I really like it and I want to get better. I’ve been trying to find tips in which people get better through various threads. Most of them just end up as practice, practice, practice. This I understand but I just don’t know what to do to have an effective practice session. So I’m asking you guys, what are some ways in which you improve your game? Training Mode, Challenge/Trials, or even Online Play?

Trials and Training mode will help a little.

Training mode could help you practice some combos on a dummy. and the trials actually show you how to do some combos its just a matter if you can pull off the movements for them.

Online play, when you’re starting out, is somewhat good to learn how to play the game. I mean that’s how I learned.
But in retrospect, you will be able to learn so much more if you start out with learning fundamentals, learning how to block, how to walk, how to anti-air, what normals are used for. etc. Doing that, you establish a foundation upon which you can teach yourself the rest and learn the game of your own volition. I recommend hitting up Vesper Arcade SSF4 Tutorial on Youtube.

It all depends on what you want to practice. I have used online mode to practice before. I would go into a online match and say to myself never jump, just anti-air all their jump ins. If you can play a whole match without jumping once I would commend you. You dont know how hard that actually is.

In training mode, you can put the dummy on auto block and practice your combos. I also use training mode to learn what I can do in certain situations using the record dummy, ex: how to punish Blanka balls.

As Carbocation mentioned before, Vesper’s tutorial is really good. Check it out. [media=youtube]1_nS5Jj3pHY[/media]

I practice by identifying what aspects in my game that’re weak or that I want to improve.

What is one of my weakness?
I almost never attempt a DP on wakeup or a combo I’ve seen my opponent drop multiple times.

How am I fixing this?
I’m beginning to trust my self and go for wakeup or a mashed DP when I believe I should; if I don’t, they’ll keep pressing their advantage and make me their bitch.

What I’m currently trying to improve:
Land Kens jab or close stand forward link into U2 all the time.

How am I going to reach my goal?
Practice in training mode 10 minutes a day until I can land it 30/30 times.

If you don’t know what your weaknesses are, ask people that have beaten you for advice. If you don’t know what you want to improve… well… I don’t really know. It’s like something you want just because but it’s not something you need. Does that make any sense?

This is a good read. Don’t train hard, train smart.

Thanks for all the advice. Showing input in training mode really cleaned up my input for DPs which help a lot. I’ve been going at it with my Bread and Butter combos. After playing a few games online I realize that my weaknesses are I’m rushing in too much to try and attempt my combos; my defense is lacking and I lack consistency in input in real fights. What are some ways to improve on blocking and such?

I pretty much just play people at local meet ups. When I start a new character I go into training mode and learn my basic combos and stuf to make sure I know how to do them but, I do all of my practicing in matches.

If you’re working on blocking, then your main focus is just to focus on blocking and teching your opponents offense. Don’t think about trying to start your offense or escaping, just focus on blocking and teching and an opening will arise. With experience, you’ll learn to feel the flow of the match and you’ll begin to instinctively know when to go on the offense and when to just sit back and go on the defense.

When I say experience, I mean getting the beat down thousands of times.

TRIALS, training mode, online ranked matches, offline with friends around your level or better