How do you prefer to start the round

I guess it all depends if you want to mix it up ASAP, have some space or have a small distance bewteen opps

3S/SNK i like i dun like players getting all over my face b4 the match even begin

cvs2: use joes taunt

T4/MvC2 because players decide whether they want to start off blasting or cautiously (90% of players get in each others faces though)

btw you cant do this in T5

3s, cvs2 style, otherwise it’s too much of a guessing game that can cause you to lose pretty much all your life over a 50/50 guess. Actually i think mvc2 is the only one that really does this.

c. lk, c. lk, Psylocke

…ASAP connection!!..

GGXR style, standing slash into mist finer. If they actually manage to react fast enough toss a coin, hop back.

Starting the distance away doesnt matter too much with some characters in those games that have them starting that way. Especially since you can start your motions or charging before the game says Fight, Begin, Go, Engage, whatever the hell they say. Others it’s way too much to their advantage, like Dhalsim or Athena being a couple of the most obvious, so sometimes having that distance doesnt instantly give you the fighting chance.

3S distance plz…

When I play Marvel I go up close.
When I play 3s I stay back.
When I play any other games like #R it depends on my mood and the character I’m using.

Um actually it’s better to go into your opponent’s face.

You see the thing is if the opponent holds foward the entire time he will get in your face regardless if you held back since the begging. But if you hold foward you at least won’t be pushed more into the corner. I’m pretty positive that if one player holds foward they’ll be pressed up against him regardless, unless you have some kind of plan to switch sides or for some reason like being in the corner then it’s a bad idea to hold back unless the other player is being cautious aswell and neither of you will hold foward.

I still like the idea though I think it’s better than preset distance.

mvc2 - jump back block

3s - lk slash elbow (alex)

I think if you go the Marvel route to round beginnings, a good approach might be to have all moves do no damage for the first 2-3 seconds of the round. That way, whoever wins the opening mixup still has the advantage, but it’s not like they just got a bunch of damage in too. It may be kinda pointless in Marvel due to the damage you get in in those first few seconds being less relevant to your potential loss than the advantage the opponent gained to do further damage, so maybe it’d fit better in a game where you’re not vastly more likely to lose once you lose your first character (i.e., a 1 on 1 game).

I like to wiggle the stick as fast as I can and hit as many buttons as possible with my palm.

Cvs2: I do a move to counter whatever i feel my opponent is going to do, but I do something that i have a miniscule risk of getting punished for.

I’ve always been a fan of pre-fight movement. I love getting in my opponent’s face before the match begins.

3S Oro:
FK, backdash.

why is the 3rd option winning? meeting each other right away is way better.

one thing i really liked about tekken 4 was the ability to enter into different stances before starting a match. not too sure i like the “getting into each other’s face” before the match starts thing, but i suppose it adds an extra set of wariness and skill in how to start the match.