How do you print out a template?

I’m guessing most people go to Kinkos to get their template made, but I’m wondering what exactly do you ask for to get it printed. It felt kind of weird going there without knowing what to say to get the job done. I tried explaining to the employee what I wanted to get done, but she said that the size they have was too small for the template.

Anyway, any suggestion is appreciated.

You want to ask for a “Lami-Label” and if they give you the wtf look, ask them to print on a label then have them laminate it.

I don’t know what size stick your trying to art mod so with out more info thats all I can help you with.

EDIT: I just re-read your post and notice you never mention art modding. So I’m just assuming its a stick mod…

Ahh, I didn’t know if size mattered or not. I actually need it for my TE fightstick. I wish I could somehow resize the template to fit on my SE fightstick, but I didn’t know if that was possible or not. Anyone know about that as well? So do I need to mention the size to them?

Real Talk?

Arthong/Tek Innovations. You won’t regret it, man.

If you do plan to go to print it out at Kinko’s make sure you tell them to print it out 100%, NOT SIZE TO SCALE. Laminate it after printing out on a label. When printing, it should fit on Legal Size Paper, no matter what they tell you, Legal size works perfectly. After printing out, cut it, and put it on you stick, and then voila! It’s done!