How do you pronounce K'?

Bugging me for ages, everyone seems to say it differently, and SNK, staying true (cheap), don’t pronounce the names in game (none I’ve played at any rate).

There’s basically three versions I’ve heard. Kay, Kay dash and Kay prime.

I use kay prime, cause with all the calc and physics I studied, it seemed the natural thing to do. What about everybody else?

KOF: MI said it was K dash.

I pronounce it “kay-apostrophe” :looney: :wgrin:

I just say “Kay”, as long as people understand who I’m talking about, it serves my purposes.

K Dash is what i’ve been reading everywhere

K dash is the proper way to say it.

Kay dash

K’ is pronounced Kay-Dash.

K9999 is prounounced Kay Four Nine.

k4 is pronounced Kay Four


Kay Dash is what i always think it is, and for the most part, im right, as are a lot of people.

say it “kay dash”… unless you want to sound like a nub

I always knew K’ was Kay-Dash but when I first saw K9999 I thought it was Kay Nine Nine Nine Nine. It sounds better to say Kay Four Nine though instead of Kay Nine Nine Nine Nine or Kay Nine Thousand, Nine hundred and Ninety Nine.

Too many nines in this post :confused:

K prime actually makes sense. He’s derived from Kyo right?

This is similar to sf2 ‘dash’ in japan, btw, for people having trouble making the connection.

Kay Dash for me

Just K, n00bs to the KOF series would be like K Dash who the fuck is K dash. Sides it just simple.

Kyo would be K Prime, as in the prime, pristine sample of material for creation of K clones. So, no, calling K’ “K Prime” wouldn’t make sense. Lol K Prime “Transform and Blackout!”

Take a calculus course.

I have Kof: Mi and that’s pretty much what got me saying K dash.

Well guess what…BOTH are kinda right - straight from SNK circa 1998/1999

It’s K**’** Prime


He’s the PrimeUpdate” (clone)

I just say “kay”