How do you properly use Blankas focus attack?

Im starting to mess around with using the focus attack for anti air and just as a trap for scrubs in the corner, but in high level play what are the better uses for focus attack besides absorbing projectiles? Ive been watching videos on youtube of high level blanka play and noticed that there is alot of FA> dash canceling at random times and didn’t understand the use of it.

Any suggestions on how to use the focus attack effectively or why high level blankas do quick FADC’s on the fly would be appreciated.

the FADC you see in the videos are here to bait there opponent and to make them get used to see you make this move. When you feel the right time, you can begin the same move but change the end (forward dash, not canceling) so that your opponent will wait for you back dash and get trapped :slight_smile:

This is what I mostly use FA for, baiting attacks.

I also use it on wake up, if my opponent jumps at me, I FADC to avoid it. It works well against honda’s sumo smash. You can also use it if you block the first hit of abel’s change of direction, you can FA the second as most of players will go to the end to catch you :slight_smile:

Interesting… you guys got me thinking :slight_smile:

a good fadc combo would be like short kick back jab back jab forward roll FADC into electricity or from the roll cancel into ur super instead of usin the ex bars…

use it to bait