How do you properly use Catwoman?

At school I fight against some of my friends. Apparently to them I’m fearsome with Catwoman and have her down completely, but in honesty I’m not that good with her, even though I breezed through a whole list of people and back to my name in one round. I basically use 1,1,2, d+3, f+3, d,f+2, 3,3,3 and d,f+1. That’s it. I’m not as competent as my friend make me out to be, and the only combo I have is b+3, f+3. I do not own the game as well, only the demo. Catwoman is my main character and I have been told that she’s an all-out rushdown character, though apparently I zone people out very well, but how should I use her?

Catwoman controls midrange better than any other character. Her whole game is based on whips, AA, evades, and Cat Dash (especially MB version). She’s also one of the least meter-dependent characters which opens her up to use reversal supers and bounce canceled F3’s in her low strings. You should try to control neutral and punish the opponent brutally when you land an evade, or when they do something unsafe. When you’re close, you can mix them up and end a combo with your trait or whip which leaves you back at your preferred distance.

As far as combos and that stuff, you can check the Test Your Might forums, the Catwoman section is pretty well developed. Her combos are really, really easy and are basically all some variant of (anything) > (cat dash/cat claws) > B3 > (J2/J3) > (ender, or F2 > MB Cat Dash > Trait).

If you want some idea of how much damage she can do.

The cat stance cancels are where it’s at. I considered maining her at launch but decided that her range left her at a disadvantage against the lamer characters and she didnt have enough mobility options for my taste though her back dash is one of the best in the game.

I am still new to this game, its mechanics and buttons so bare with me.

Yeah I found myself maining her for the time being. Rushdown, can combo from a low and a over-head. Plus, she has so many variations. I have a tendency to mistake one claw special for the other, but no big difference as long as it connects you can follow up either one for additional damage. Then you got her whip special, good for the occassional spacing once in while though spacing should be her main thing unless you’re just trying to buy some time and keep the opponent from getting back in close to rape ya.
Has that df + 3 whip that has alotta range and knocks down - me like. Her jumping 2 seems pretty good and the cat pounce can really catch ppl off guard it seems, and good to use to get back in close it seems. Never find myself using her meter burns unless I am desperate for extra damage.

Found this, shows many of the variations.

As mentioned above I hear she has AA (what exactly, aside from the whip) and cat stance cancels, explain please.

Basic rule of thumb with her is to combo to b,f2 to set up extended combos.

BF1 does more damage actually, but the B3 link is slightly more difficult.

Landing that is my main game.

Doesn’t it also do more hits which negatively affects scaling? Then again I still can’t figure out how scaling works in this game.

No, I’m fairly sure damage scaling only happens once per move regardless of how many times it hits. In any case, all of the BF1 combos do 2% more damage than the BF2 versions.

It seems pointless to use her super - has mid-range and alotta start-up and gets horribly scaled for damaged compared to others it seems. I managed to find one combo that’s decent
Jumping 3, juggle with standing 1, 2, Super and you get 43% when the super by itself is 34-36%.

Comboing into supers in this game is almost always wrong, since you’ll get more/similar damage using 1 or 2 bars.

Her super is a very good reversal though, since it has 2 hits of super armor and comes out in ~6 frames. The range is also really long, so it punishes a lot of things that standing 1 can’t.

2 hits? I’ve only gotten one and it seems rather slow to me.

Maybe it’s only one, I’m not positive. But the super does come out relatively fast. I find myself using Catwoman’s super a little more often than other characters’, just because she doesn’t have too much to spend meter on. MB Cat Dash is basically it, and occasionally an armored F3/B3 or a midstring bounce cancel mixup.

Same, I’ve gotten the meter burn b,f + 3 combos down-ish but just haven’t incorporated it into play yet. Never use the other meter burn. I just feel like her whip should be meter burnable into some sorta grab or something like Batman’s grapple meter burn.

One combo I used was [bf+2, b+3, SUPER], but I actually thought about [bf+2, b+3, 3,3, SUPER], though I’ve never tried it. You’re right, though; combo into a super does seem like a bad idea, especially when you can use form attack [4].

Catwoman effectively has 2 meters in this game and she can opt to fill them both to use them (instead of having to spend small bits for stuff). That said, I still prefer saving meter to discourage clash.

I say if you find a super combo that does less than 40% damage than it ain’t useful at all.

Ask the question again in about…12 hours.