How do you properly use the Focus Attack?

FA looks like a really punishable move to me. How does it help you? I know it can absorb attacks but I always get hit afterwards and lose a lot of health. I want to know how to properly use it.

Don’t overuse it, if you get predictable with it you will be punished. As you probably already know it can only absorb one attack so it’s best to try and use it to counter slow pokes. If you opponent is overusing a fairly slow attack, then you can use this to punish them accordingly.

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Time your level 3 focus to hit as they recover from dizzy.

Playing heavy rushdown characters tend to use focus very offensively. These characters tend to have fast charging focus attacks and or long reaching focus attacks: ie Cammy, Makoto, Fei Long. However, not all characters have very useful focus attacks due to their range, startup or even the character’s playstyle: ie, Balrog, Viper, Abel. Not all focus attacks are created equal.