How do you punish Chun's Flip over kick?


I was doing a decent amount of damage today hit confirming the flip over kick (df+HK) into her SA2.
However, I think there’s got to be a decent strat to defend against this and I want to be ready for it when someone knows it.


parry it.


The flip over kick has a ridiculously long time for the opponent to scout and telegraph the move. Parry the kick or whatever, it’s definitely not something a Chun should ever throw out.




Why is he talking about it like it’s some kind of overpowered tool?


yeah, it was working really well for me recently. I think people forgot how to deal with it. I always used to just dash in.




It doesn’t work on Geese.


That move is banned, along with pressing up on the joystick at any time.