How do you punish teleports with cody



i dont know if you can option select maybe somebody can explain it to me you guys been great so far developing myc ody and he is pretty good right now, akuma and bison come to mind on teleports.


atleast against corner escapes you can backwalk - zonk. works with ruffian aswell. -doesnt even need option select, can be done on reaction.
mid screen against backteleport you should only be able to reach it with ex ruffian.


Don’t forget Ultra 2, although it can be pretty tricky to do on reaction.


I would say just bait and see.


with dhalsim teleport you can option select j.fp with U2, but for akuma, his teleport goes so far that what you need to do is option select a crack kick (F + HK) to put yourself in range to EX Ruffian Kick. b/c neither EX RK or U2 will reach. it’ll work i promise


I think I missed something; What exactly are you option selecting?


You buffer in f+hk before your jump-in hits. If it whiffs, you crack kick forward and then execute ex ruffian upon whiffing your crack kick. Could you OS-Crack kick then do U2 is the real question.