How do you RC 360s and HCB+F grabs?


Can someone teach me a shortcut or special method for RCing yama’s special grab and 360s?


Whoever said progress is a slow process wasn’t talkin’ 'bout me, I’m a P.I.M.P., and i got the Magik Stik.:cool:


i don’t see the point of RCing yamazakis command grab or Giefs 360+p grab considering they’re instant. But Giefs 360+K is somewhat good RCed… i go from forward to up for “360” motions cause it doesnt take full 360 to do the move. So I start roll on diagonal back down then complete motion+RH. Start roll on down motion on hcb motions and then complete motion I can RC YUNs and Todos grab 100% that way as examples . Hope that helps.


Unless you are the god of timing or joystick speed, it is basically impossible to RC HCB->F command grab with Yama.

The most feasible way is to go from forward to down, hit roll, then complete the motion. But try doing that in under a tenth of a second.

The other way, which is pretty iffy in theory also, is to do HCB, go to neutral, roll, then complete the move.

The reason is if you do HCB, it is also the equivalent of QCB. So when you push roll after HCB, you’ll get either the serpent slash or sand scattering.


Um no.

Treat it like a RCed charge move.

hcb, neutral position + jab+short, f +p


That’s what I said in my third paragraph, but I could never get it to work. Have you done it before?

Plus as you stated earlier its probably more work than its worth.


I think these moves are pretty fast as it is… and i dont see the point in rcing them…

but if i were to try i would try hcb, then do a hcf rc. I dunno if this will allow the move to come out though (ie will going through the hc before the forward movement cancel the move from coming out)


Again, if anybody finds a way to consistently RC hcb,f grabs I will give them 678167862178 cookies. I’ve done it twice out of like a million tries.


The problem with doing:

HCB, N+LP+LK, F+HP is… What if that character has a QCB or HCB move?? Iori will do a Rekka. Yamazaki will do a Serpent Slash. Benimaru will do a Spinny Thing. Vice will do a Shoulder Charge… It just doesn’t work.

If you want to do it, it MUST be:
6,3,2,1+LP+LK, 4, 6+HP

Ridiculously difficult to pull off. Don’t even bother.

360 RCs aren’t that bad though actually. Zangief’s RC RBG is amazingly good. Anti-Air, Anti-Poke, Anti-Roll…It’s hard to beat.


Has anyone tried negative edging the RCs? I do that for 360 throws and RCing weak moves, but for some reason I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it.

For me, it makes any motion RCable. Even HCB +F (just do HCB, F + roll, let go of punch), though I don’t use that motion very often.

This seems to ALWAYS work for me, and for those who know me, I have rather PISS POOR execution in general :slight_smile:


I’ve got it to work a few times, but for some reason it seems alot harder than what it’s supposed to be. Like I really don’t get it. I tried hitting the Roll input at several different timings, but the one I listed was the only one I got results from, ever.

I’d say on my best day in Training Mode, I got it to work like 4 out of 10 tries. I’d just set the dummy to do fireballs and whiff the throw to see if it goes through me.

The only command throw I can consistently RC is Morrigan’s, because it’s easy. But the problem is if I get meter I get real sloppy and start doing her hcb+k super by accident :wtf:


Dude, that’s crazy good. Doing one would be nice for me :stuck_out_tongue: