How do you RC Chun's Lightning Kicks?

Help! :frowning:

Press (no joystick motion)…

lp,mp,Hp, then do the roll cancel command (lp+lk) and press Hk finally. You want Hk at the end ( you can use any kick) because you can connect another d + mp and power :cool:


what he means is

buffer with a dash or wakeup.

hk mk lk lp+lk hk

make sure you hit all the buttons. it doesnt have to be to fast.

You are right! what was I thinking! The one I kindda described is for BLanka hahahahaha sorry for that.

Thanks Jeff1. Ignore what I wrote man.


but if i dont do it fast enough, wont she execute every kick until the roll then it wil cancel?

We mean like, FAST and then do rc command. Even if you do it slow, she shouldn’t execute every kick, that’s imposible. If you do it right, you should hear the sound that Chun-li makes when she rolls. Only the Hk should come out when you do it fast. The same thing applies with Blanka.


yes, as i stated the best uses for it are after dashes, and on wake ups. you can also buffer with

True. You might wanna buffer some kick or punch before doing the command. I find it very effective on wake ups, most people swallow it, especially if you are one hit from dying and they do a lv.3 and you rc that shit !


Rc kicks

You can also buffer the Rc kicks with a standing medium (poke)

Any good training mode setups to practice this on?

Can you do it on command. So say that you set up the computer to keep throwing fireballs at you, can you RC lightning leg quick enough to have the fireball pass through you?

How else would you practice this?

Record Sagat throwing HK low tiger shots at you with even timing so that you’ll know when to expect it.