How do you react to



I notice the best players dash forward/walk under when the opponent is jumping towards them but how do they react so quick?



All I can say is practice. Get used to buffering moves while moving so when they jump in, you can just anti-air them. If not, just be patient and use a normal as an anti-air. You can get someone to jump too. You can do this by forcing them to jump by throwing projectiles or just pressuring them.


You have many choices, If your character’s dash is good, you can dash under. You can also throw out st.jab, if he parries it, depending on your character, eg. shotos, you can dp after the jab. you can jump back/neutral/forward and fierce or roundhouse.

Some characters you can do a st.jab (if he fails to parry) into a reset projectile super, like Ryu and Akuma.

As to the reaction answer…Practice, practice and practice.


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you need to have the preternatural ability to sense the desire to jump in your opponent.

i don’t believe you didn’t already know all about this though. why are you acting like some sort of nooblord. it confuses me.


Just think back to when you were learning when to or when not to jump in.

Did you do it immediately? After one botched attempt? Two? These people are where you used to be some odd years ago, and now you don’t even recognize the door step. :frowning: If you’ve commenced n number of times and no one carried the rest of the match, or found momentum, then…


I have a question of my own.

How do you react to a link redirecting you from SF3 forum to sears sale website.

Mix-up. too. strong.


Dander’s real good at this by the way. & that Sears thing moved to TV too. Dash into…

Buffering in moves seems like a bad idea with Online/how Dander explained GGPO to a few of us once. You might end up with the completely wrong move, some Dashes when you didn’t try to do that, or a different move than what you were trying to do from maybe rolling over the wrong inputs before your button press.

Treating your 1st option to anti-air with a dash under may be something character specific to your character you’re playing, if that’s a better anti air than their other options. & to who you’re playing, Ryu’s not going to get this off vs Dudley very much. So it can become second nature. But to train in it, you have to try to think go for it first in the list of things how to anti-air “chain of command” (so I won’t say “flowchart” that’s for Ken, right? :wink: )

but boy if that Kuni & Tominaga couple runbacks weren’t exactly: “The best way to defend a punch? Don’t be where it lands”



guess Dander’s lucky he’s good